Sail On Randy Walker

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Sail On Randy Walker

Post by Cubbie Bear »

Northwestern Head Football Coach Randy Walker died last night of an apparent heart attack at just 52. ... i-news-hed
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Post by ejr »

As you can imagine, it is a major story on the news here! He had an episode a couple of years ago, but this really has come as a shock to the Northwestern community.

Sail on, Randy Walker.
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Post by CaptainP »

This was a shocker.

Sail on.

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Post by iuparrothead »

He was my brother's coach at Miami. :(

Sail on, Coach.
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Post by Indiana Jolly Mon »

WOW, that is sad. NW finally had a good coach that was a loyal stand up guy (unlike Gary). He will be missed. Sail on.
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Post by Dr.Corona »

Coach Walker was definitely respected in the business......Sporting News tabbed Walker as the best coach in the Big Ten this year. Loyalty to N'Western was incredible. What a shame!

Sail On!!
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Post by spendingmoney »

not only a great coach but leaving behind a wife and two kids and only 52...sad :cry:

sail on

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Post by INeverGoAnywhere »

Sail-On Randy you will be missed........
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Post by tikitatas »

Much too young.

Sail on . . .

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Post by Wino you know »

How sad. This guy brought respectability back to Northwestern, and both times I met him in Iowa City when they played the Hawkeyes, he was very gracious & so friendly to everyone here.
A Big-10 icon who left us much too soon.
Sail on, Coach. Go with God and rest well, and may you forever be at peace.

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