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Gypsies in the palace
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Learned to fly at 15
Learned to fly fast at 25
Been shot off a carrier 226 times, landed on same 225 times
Seen the ruins at Pompeii, Ephasus, and Agrigento
Walked in the catacombs in Palermo
Went into tombs in Valley of the Kings, Egypt
Hiked up Mt Etna
Climbed Mt Fuji and saw the sunrise
Attended all 4 shows at the Kabuki-Za Theater, Ginza, Tokyo
Drank Sake and cheered like hell at a Tokyo (Yomiuri) Giants game
Saw the changing of the guard at the emperors palace Tokyo
Saw the northern lights and the white cliffs of Dover
Took picture of Russian Bear aircraft from 200m somewhere over Norway
Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Been to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa
Honored those who gave all at Normandy American Cemetery, Pearl
Harbor, Wake Island, Iwo Jima
Stole a Singapore Sling glass from Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Evacuated embassy in Liberia
Hiked Mt Suribachi, Iwo Jima and walked the pumice invasion beach
Fought in a war, and a number of other uprisings
Got to drop live weapons and destroy things
Got to march in a welcom home parade up the canyon of heroes, NYC
Had an engine failure at night, inverted while over water...said oh s*#@
Flew around the world in a C-9
Been through the Suez Canal
Learned to land in water
Flown to countless Bahamian harbors and islands
Ran an illegal conch import business, got in trouble, decided to stop
Flown to every island in the Caribbean with an airstrip, and a couple that don't
Got to fly Jimmy's 208, the second one (used his Bose headset too)
Learned to flyfish in Bimini from Bonefish Sam
Wrestled a few 300 lb Blue Marlin

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