Sail On Anne Pressly

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Sail On Anne Pressly

Post by pojo »

If you haven't heard Anne Pressly of KATV (Little Rock, AR) was brutally beaten in her home. Authorities believe she was injured during a robbery at her house Sunday Night. Her mother found her Monday morning only a 1/2 hour before she was supposed to go on air for Daybreak Arkansas at 5am.

She passed yesterday.

I spent several months at Little Rock AFB and recently flew with Meteorologist Todd Yakobian on a Hurricane Ike flight.

Sail On Anne

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Post by SMLCHNG »

:( :( :( I've been watching the story all week.. Hope they catch the bastard. :evil:

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Post by dnw »

So sad. :(


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Post by ph4ever »

Damn - she was such a pretty woman.

sail on Anne............

prayers to the family
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Post by Lightning Bolt »

sail on, Anne Pressly :cry: :cry: :cry:

so very tragic
so unnecessary :-? :-? :x
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Post by flipflopgirl »

SMLCHNG wrote::( :( :( I've been watching the story all week.. Hope they catch the bastard. :evil:
:cry: :cry: :cry: me too!!! Sail on Anne!!!

and DITTO!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Post by nutmeg »

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Post by Dezdmona »

SMLCHNG wrote::( :( :( I've been watching the story all week.. Hope they catch the bastard. :evil:
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Post by docandjeanie »

:( Sail on Anne, prayers to the family.

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Post by Karacal »

So very sad.... :cry:

Sail on Anne.....prayers for the family......

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Post by East Texas Parrothead »

I've been following the story, too. So incredibly tragic ...

Sail on.

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Post by Wino you know »

SAD! :cry:

So young, so pretty, and so much potential.
What a sad, sad waste of a human life.

I hope the catch the who did it and turn him over to the family in some Arkansas backwoods.

Sail on, Anne. :cry:

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Post by Tropic_Al »

sail on Ms. Pressley...
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Post by Glorfindel7 »

Sail on Anne ..... :( :( :(
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Post by momsrule27 »

I have been watching this story -sooooo sad - prayers to her family. :(


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Post by jimolliemom »

This is so totally sad...

Sail on Anne...
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Post by Bubbaphan »

I live and work in Little Rock and I can tell you, it's been a rough time.
As many of you heard, Bill Gwatney, a local businessman, was killed by a disturbed person earlier this year, and then Anne was attacked and killed.
Just last night there was a school shooting at the UCA campus just outside Little Rock.:cry: I had literally stop watching tv last night. Too much bad news.
Our city is stunned. Our state is stunned.
The outpouring of prayers for Anne from around the world has been incredible to watch. I didn't know her personally, though I work in broadcasting, I know many who did, and they are so sad and angry.
We are all hoping that they catch this person or persons and that they are brought to justice. I thank you all for your continued prayers and phinpower for Anne's family, and our community.

It's times like these that I wish more people were Parrotheads.
The world would be a better and more peaceful place.
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Post by gumbo gal »

sail on Anne.....I am praying for your family....

I hope whoever commited this terrible crime and ended the life of this beautiful and talented young woman will be brought to justice soon.

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Post by pbans »

Bubbaphan wrote: It's times like these that I wish more people were Parrotheads.
The world would be a better and more peaceful place.

Worth repeating......phin power to Little Rock.....
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Post by Frank4 »

Sail on, Anne
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