Passing of a hero

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Passing of a hero

Post by Crazy Navy Flyer »

Sail on Captain Shuman, USN. A Navy pilot with a large set of jewels.

The definition of an American serviceman, a real hero. ... E7Df/olYw&
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big john
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Re: Passing of a hero

Post by big john »

Great story. Sail on, Captain. :pirate:
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Re: Passing of a hero

Post by dnw »

Sail on, Captain Shuman!


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Re: Passing of a hero

Post by jayparrot46 »

sail on Captain :(

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Re: Passing of a hero

Post by Elrod »

Sail on, Captain Shuman.
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Re: Passing of a hero

Post by Karacal »

Sail on, Captain Shuman and thank you for your service........

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