First Vehicles?

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Re: First Vehicles?

Post by Tiki Bar »

1990 Nissan Sentra XE, red with sunroof.

Funny, from afar I'd tell people it was a BMW 325, and they'd believe me.


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Re: First Vehicles?

Post by sonofabeach »

A red 84 Mercury Lynx....basically a Ford Escort.
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Re: First Vehicles?

Post by rumdrinks »

1975 Mercury Bobcat hatchback. (basically a Ford Pinto, just a little upgrade)
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Re: First Vehicles?

Post by The Lost Manatee »

1968 Ford Falcon with an inline 6 and 3 on the tree. I could barely get it up to 60mph on a steep downgrade and a strong tail wind. The heater didn't work but the stereo did and it was built like a tank.

Trade it in for 77 Mustang, with a V8, headers and a shift kit. Quick off the line but the top end wasn't that great, 85mph.
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Re: First Vehicles?

Post by Nighthawk »


Had this one too.... same exact colors, but in much better shape. Many of the old timers from BN probably remember the Beer Bongs done off the tailgate in this baby....

Had the 4.3 Vortex in it, would kill 5.0 mustangs in the long run, and would top off at around 140mph......probably one of my most favorites that I ever owned.
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