Westward Ho....

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Westward Ho....

Post by Dr.Corona »

Working on my plans for vacay with my 14 year old grandson.
Much procrastinating on my part but he's made it difficult by having to do some summer school this year. He finishes 1 week from today, we're gonna head out the day after.

Need to dissect the particulars to see what we can get done in 7 days/6 nights time but looks like we'll fly into Denver. Tentatively grabbing a car & meandering Westward Ho along I-70 towards Arches Nat'l Park. I'm reading a bit about the Glenwood Springs area along the way in Colorado that may appeal to him...thrill rides..etc.
I'm thinking from there heading southbound to Mesa Verde Nat'l Park. Hope to be able to set up some guided Ranger tours to Cliff Palace & Balcony House.
From there destination Grand Canyon has popped into the mix before heading to Vegas for Air departure.
Hopefully will be able get off the beaten path a bit too & maybe squeeze in Colorado Nat'l Monument & Sedona also but we'll have to see.
These are some places I visited with my deceased wife & the kids back in 1994. Would like to give him a taste of some of these places and open his eyes to some of the amazing sights in this great land!
I used to have a habit of trying to bite off more than I can chew when vacationing & try to plot a fairly strict schedule (call me Clark Griswold Light) but I'd say this time there's a good chance the actual trip won't be exactly as I set it out to be. The trip as is projected 18 hours travel time from station to station without the in park meandering which may be a bit much for teenager... :o :wink:
To be continued.........
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Re: Westward Ho....

Post by lime rickie »

Sounds like quite the adventure!

Account for an additional few hundred dollars to have a one-way car rental. Was looking at that recently and that option would have been an additional $245. :o
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