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Top Ten Things to Bring to a Buffett Tailgate Party

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Post by Guest » March 1, 2000 3:48 pm

Posted By Kristel Crews
10. Mom and Dad - they party as hard as the rest of us at the concerts
9. Shoe polish for "Fins to the Left" and "Fins to the Right" slogans on car windows
8. Can coolers, insulated glasses (don't want those frozen drinks defrosting!)
7. My candid photo of JB himself
6. Food
5. Buffet CDs
4. My camera
3. My parrot hat, Hawaiian shirt, flowered lei
2. Jello shots, rum drinks...
1. My friends Cathy and Dave, since they have the RV which in turn has the bathroom.


Post by Guest » March 1, 2000 6:41 pm

Posted By CLNorton
THE Parrot Hat you have had since you were 15 and have worn to every show since, which by the luck of the Parrothead Gods has totally survied the 14 years since and is now held together by duct tape with clever Jimmy sayings which add new character to the hat.


Post by Guest » March 2, 2000 11:37 pm

Posted By gaye
Someone who has never been to a JB concert before, they suddenly get hooked and the parrothead madness grows bigger every year!


Post by Guest » March 3, 2000 11:29 am

Posted By Anonymous
10. Rum! Preferably Sir Captain
9. My Parrot Mug for the Margaritas
8. Lei's & Mardi Gras beads
7. Good PH friends
6. A very colorful (and sexy) outfit
5. Blow up shark & stuffed parrots
4. Cuervo (and all the fixin's)
3. Lots of food for the hungry PHs
2. A grill that actually works!
1. My husband whom I met during the '97 tailgate at Merriweather.


Post by Guest » March 3, 2000 1:46 pm

Posted By Lee Scott
Well I dont know but you want your:
Conch Republic Flag (Flying High of Course)
Several bottles of Rum (After two shows I gonna have me some)
Your tropical shirt
Your Grass skirt
A blender
A giant FIN on the top of your car
Jimmy's Fruitcake album (or any album) playing in the back ground
Cooler full of Oysters and Beer for dinner every show of the year.


Post by Guest » March 3, 2000 2:19 pm

Posted By shellbell
2.Margaritaville Tequilla
3.Plenty of Salt
4.Shark Costume
5.Enough Buffett music to last a lifetime, or just
till the booze runs ou


Post by Guest » March 3, 2000 2:34 pm

Posted By patsy
1.My two parrakeet grandsons,6 and 8
3.camcorder for the parking lot memories,extra batteries
6.corona and limes
7.blankets,(it tends to rain in Raleigh)
8.all 33 JB tapes and CD's
9.extra set of car keys(lost mine one year in the race to be in my seat before he started the first song)
10.extra money for this years concert t-shirt


Post by Guest » March 3, 2000 9:51 pm

Posted By Anonymous
(1) Limes (2)every Buffett CD known to man (3)plastic lawn flamingos (4) Captin Morgin or Margaritavill Tequila (5)Coronas 1 case per person aprox. (6)LIMES (7)Grass skirt - M or F (8) LIMES (9) Salt shaker - if it can be found (10) Cheese bugers (11)LIMES (12)Blender (13) ooops i guess thats more then 10


Post by Guest » March 3, 2000 11:25 pm

Posted By Anonymous
(1) my homemade Buffett hat that was a big hit at the Ice Palace Show last Nov.
(2) my 85 Blazer that I refer to as my Buffett Mobile
(3) designated driver, that's me
(4) all my Buffett phriends
(5) Buffett CDd's
(6) pictures of my pup that Im hoping to turn into a real phan


Post by Guest » March 4, 2000 1:15 am

Posted By NAVYMOM74
juicy fruit gum (it's good for the soul) to hand out to our phlock, mini boxes of JUNIOR MINTS I WANT JUNIOR MINTS , bubbles, bright colorful band-aids, pop tops to put on your flip flops, parrot stamper and ink for temporary tatoos so u can have a TEMPORARY FEELING of a PERMANANT REMINDER!!!!! AND ALL OF THE OTHER THINGS THAT GO WITH BEING A JIMMY BUFFETT PFAN.


Post by Guest » March 4, 2000 3:48 am

Posted By Beergoddess
1.practical shoes(for the 100 trips to the woods experience) 2.TP(for the 100 trips to the woods experience) 3.ALCHOHLIC BEVERAGES-at least but not limited to:1 case of corona(with lime)per person,1 1/2 gallon capt morgan,and last but not least tequela!! 4.the "recovering alchoholic"DD,preferably with valid drivers licence on said person 5.nose candy-need I say more? 6.the name of the hotel you rented,the location of hotel,keys and room#.(all to be given to your "recovering Alchoholic"DD for safe keeping) 7.credit card-to be kept in the vehicle,as your going to lose any cash you did'nt spend 8.for smokers-1 carton of cigarettes,for non smokers-1 carton of cigarettes(to be passed out to the smokers that have lost their cigarettes) 9.A SMILE 10.Good friends, to share in the unique and incredible experience that is JIMMY BUFFET!!! Thanks Jimmy,We all love you!!!!!!!!!


Post by Guest » March 5, 2000 11:13 pm

Posted By Anonymous
1. Grass Skirts
2. Coconut Bras
3. Coronas
4. Limes
5. Bottle opener
6. Buffett CD collection
7. Cheeseburgers on the Grill
8. Super soaker water gun
9. Battery powered blender
10. All the ingredients for a perfect Margarita


Post by Guest » March 6, 2000 10:07 am

Posted By Keith Johnson
1. Urban assault vehicle with a giant fin on the roof.
2. Various flavors of ethanol, carbonated and non.
3. Margarita makins' (don't forget that "shaker of salt!)
4. Something to eat (maybe, cheeseburgers?)
6. Parrothead Passport
7. Friends (optional, you're already surrounded by friends whose name you don't know yet)
8. Money for those shirts and overpriced drinks
9. Inflatable shark
10. watch with alarm, so you know when to stop drinking (or smoking, whichever poison is your favorite)
11. Music (also optional, as there's plenty being played all around!)


Post by Guest » March 6, 2000 5:54 pm

Posted By Carlos
A case of Bud Light and about twelve joints.
The rest Jimmy can take care of.


Post by Guest » March 6, 2000 7:21 pm

Posted By Tom R
Bring a portable swimming pool and 10 cases of Corona,fill the pool with water and play bobbing for beers.


Post by Guest » March 8, 2000 11:08 pm

Posted By Bubba
10). PHriends
9). Coronas
8). Funky Hat
7). CS tee shirt
6). A DD
5). More Coronas
4). Ice cold water
3). Limes and a small knife
2). A bottle opener
1). More PHriends

Thank you, Shell for making all my Buffett concerts special!


Post by Guest » March 9, 2000 4:06 pm

Posted By Sara
Corona, Lime, Other beer for the later non-tasting phase, Parrot Bay!!!, Tequila, Whatever you can scrounge up from the liquor cabinet, Barbecue items; shark, hawiian, and/or parrot paraphanalia; What a chairs, disposable cameras, (that guy's right, ya dont remember a thing), U-Haul for easy spotting and storage of friends and ummmmm, alcohol. Telephone number of taxi company and/or directions to colum-bus stop, MUSIC to mix with everybody else's so it sounds like a big buffett beach.


Post by Guest » March 9, 2000 8:56 pm

Posted By Fins
A bottle opener: 2 buffet shows ago, I bought all this corona and no opener. I had to sing a buffet song each time to get an opener..I managed to .never had such a good time!!!


Post by Guest » March 9, 2000 8:59 pm

Money to get your friend out of jail...a driver that only sees double by the nights end and is still breathing...a little ganga..all the beach/ buffet tunes that you can bring and don't forget: A GREAT BIG DRUNKEN SMILE :)


Post by Guest » March 9, 2000 9:07 pm

Posted By Anonymous
Parakeets, cause you gotta keep the phock going strong.

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