IL, WI, & USA Beach Bum Band BN Bashes

Meet up with some of your friends from BN and find out who's going to the show

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Re: IL, WI, & USA Beach Bum Band BN Bashes

Post by finsupnorth »

And now reading back a few posts I see this is in order (((((((((JOHNNY)))))))))))))

So sorry to hear about your dad - may you remember the good memories and keep that alive always....

I have been so out of touch for so long - Hope you are doing better....... and are you married yet? I thought I heard that....??????

Anyway, hope to see you and the crew on Saturday :)
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Re: IL, WI, & USA Beach Bum Band BN Bashes

Post by Bicycle Bill »

Oh, hell! Stevens Point is only about a two-hour drive from where I live.

I haven't been paying attention to their schedule and I've got a previous commitment for this weekend. What makes it worse is that I have to be in the Wausau area (about 30 miles or so from Point) the *FOLLOWING* weekend and I could easily have blown off the evening activities there for a Parrothead party in Point.....
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Re: IL, WI, & USA Beach Bum Band BN Bashes

Post by CheeseHead in Paradise! »

Hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve! :D

The winter weather is already taking a toll on my mental well-being and I may need a BBB fix sooner than I thought! :o


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Re: IL, WI, & USA Beach Bum Band BN Bashes

Post by SunBunny718 »

How about getting the BNers together for a summer outing with the Beach Bum Band? Take a look at the schedule on and throw out some dates that work for a big party! [smilie=cheeky-grin.gif]

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Re: IL, WI, & USA Beach Bum Band BN Bashes

Post by southofdisorder07 »

How about the Hemingways show on Saturday June 12th

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Re: IL, WI, & USA Beach Bum Band BN Bashes

Post by CaptainP »

Such memories of this old thread.....

Johnny, great seeing you and the Missus last night!!!! Not quite the same as an actual BBB show, but still had great times!!!!

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