Who's Going to Great Woods? 8/20/16

Meet up with some of your friends from BN and find out who's going to the show

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Re: Who's Going to Great Woods? 8/20/16

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Us, as usual.
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Re: Who's Going to Great Woods? 8/20/16

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Hello Great Woods! We have traveled from Tampa to see Jimmy tonight, and ZBB tomorrow in Fenway. Staying in the City. We had planned to take Uber to Xfinity (first time at this legendary venue) but are wondering if there are any better ways to get there. The Uber forum sounds like it might be hard to get a ride back. The Boston Commons Coach is apparently not going. Might also 'bite the bullet' and just rent a car. Anyone have any thoughts? FinsUp Boston!!

Update: Our concierge at the hotel suggested getting a car. See everyone soon. Happy Buffett Day!!

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Re: Who's Going to Great Woods? 8/20/16

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is it too early to start the 2017 Great Woods thread? [smilie=coolup.gif] :-P [smilie=sillyjester.gif]

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