10/29/2005 - Las Vegas NV

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Flipping thru my Sirius channels now. 8)

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I'm done here for the night.

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RM Personalities

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With the way RM lost the end of the show, it made me think that Steve Huntington had been moved to overnights....probably where he belongs.

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Oh, Lovely Cruise!!! What I wouldn't do to hear him perform that song live.
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SchoolGirlHeart wrote:
fett wrote:no prob, understood

I think I might have had too many boat drinks tonight anyway,

PLEASE let it not be over, I wouldn't be able to comprehend the last JB show tied into my birthday :cry:
Kinda doubt it..... Even if Jimmy decides to stop touring, I really think his last show will be quite a while from now....
Let not your heart be troubled 8) :P

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the package goes on sale Nov 1, 2005, so rest assured that Jimmy will jam in 2006! :)
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What a show, what a week. From drinking way too much at Margaritaville, with the help of our waiter "Tony", my wife and I single handedly polished off a bottle of Herradura Anejo. There were a lot of perks for drinking lots of the "good stuff". We met a lot of awesome BNr folks, got s---faced with them most of the weekend. Some of the things I did, can't remember, but have pictures to prove I was there.

1. Several lost hours at Margaritaville. ($7.00 in food $80.00 in Tequila on our first visit)

2. Last man standing - somehow my wife was pole dancing on some palm tree. Michael U. and Robert G. sat in with the band. The beer was cheap, and the lapdances in the parking lot were cheaper, problem was the dancers were a couple of drunk guys.

3. Margaritaville Street Party - ate some shrimp, drank some beer, grabbed some a--, drank some Tequila, got on Parrotvision (sucking face with my wife), my wife hula danced on the stage, (damn my wife gets around) Somehow I won a hat.

4. MGM Pool Party - drank some beer, smoked a hand rolled cigar, ate my wife 's popcorn, drank some Tequila, danced in a conga line hanging on to one fine piece of ..... you get the picture.

5. Some guy named Jimmy played in the Garden Arena - Damn fine show. Snuck some of the Fillmore second set into the mix, and really played a great show. The crowd was crazy, more beachballs than I can remember since the early days of outdoor shows at the shoreline and concord pavillion. Very High energy crowd.

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Quite a setlist you have of your own. :) thanks and Fins UP!