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6/27/1993 - Charlotte NC

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6/27/1993 - Charlotte NC

Post by gingerbreadman » November 23, 2005 11:07 pm

From RadioMargaritaville, last aired 8/14/2004

Chameleon Caravan Tour
Charlotte, NC
Sunday, 6/27/1993

01 One Particular Harbour
02 Brown Eyed Girl
03 Pencil Thin Mustache
04 Everybody's Got A Cousin In Miami
05 Come Monday
06 Landfall
07 Volcano
08 Cheeseburger In Paradise
09 We're Both In The Same Boat
10 In The Shelter
11 Why Don't We Get Drunk
12 Eanna's Socatash
13 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
14 Island
15 Pascagoula Run
16 Livingston Saturday Night
17 Fins
18 Another Saturday Night
19 Margaritaville
20 A Pirate Looks At Forty
Hey Snake, we need more wine!


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