08.02.96 Pittsburgh Banana Wind Tour

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08.02.96 Pittsburgh Banana Wind Tour

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Setlist for Pittsburgh Star Lake 08.02.96 Banana Wind

08.02.1996 Banana Wind Pittsburgh
Jimmy Buffett
Started out on the lawn
“Oh, My God, it’s the lawn people! The parrothead Olympics. I wanted to come out here and get a look at you people up close, ya know. Say hello to The Original Coral Reefer Band, Mr Fingers Taylor. I see the palm trees are planted in Pittsburgh.
01 My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink and I Don’t Love Jesus
02 Pencil Thin Mustache
Coral Reefer jam music while Jimmy gets to the stage
Background vocals --Hey na na Hey na na (Nadirah chants) hey na na...
03 One Particular Harbour
04 It’s Midnight and I’m Not Famous Yet
“To my mother who bought me my first trombone...we’re gonna take you down to Cuba right now for a little passionate evening.”
05 Cuban Crime of Passion
“We’re gonna break into Banana Wind.” Jimmy was amused with that funny...”you won’t hear that at the Michael Bolton show.” “When did I turn into Gallagher?”
06 School Boy Heart
This song takes me back to the days when I worked in downtown Pittsburgh at the Mosque. Someone said I threw pizza from the stage. For everyone who may have seen me at the Mosque in those days, this is for you.
07 Come Monday
I see kids out there. I’m family entertainment. There was stuff in the National Inquirer, but I’m gonna tell you the truth now.
08 Jamaica Mistaica (I wish I had hair, I could have dreadlocks.)
the story went on to say, “Will Jimmy Buffett return to the tropics...only time will tell.”
09 Only Time Will Tell
This is not one of my mother’s favorite songs, we've served it more ways than Forrest Gump could cook shrimp...Here's Little Bo Peep and the Lone Ranger --Ginger Beal, Jay Bonner singing...
11 Fins
12 Cheeseburger In Paradise
14 Grapefruit Juicy Fruit
15 It’s My Job (Jimmy and Mac and Fingers on that harmonica sounds so good.)
16 Boat Drinks
17 Fruitcakes
18 In The City (sung by Mac with Jimmy)
“Man I’m having a good time on the first night back.”
20 A Pirate Looks At Forty
21 Southern Cross
22 Brown Eyed Girl
23 Margaritaville
On bass Mr Jim Mayer; lead guitar, Brother, Pete Mayer; on percussion, Mr Ralph MacDonald, the $6 man; Mr. Robert Greenidge on the steeldrum; the coral reefer horns, Mr. John Lovell, Mr TC Mitchell, Ms Amy Lee; our lovely reeferetts, Ms Claudia Cummings, Ms Nadirah Shakoor, Ms Tina Gullickson; on the drums, Mr Roger Guth; Mr Mac McAnally on the guitar and vocals; Mr Fingers Taylor on harmonica; Mr Michael Utley on keyboards.
24 Volcano
25 Tampico Trauma
26 Lovely Cruise

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That's some good stuff. I'm listening to the replay on RM. :P :P
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