12/12/12 Concert in MSG

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12/12/12 Concert in MSG

Post by Dr.Corona »

Didn't get to see the entire concert but from what I saw & what I heard about...........whew!
An All-Star lineup to say the least. Enjoyed Roger Waters, Clapton, The Stones (Can't believe Mick still stalks the stage like a Cat), Sir Paul.
Missed Bruce & Bon Jovi early, The Who was hit & miss. Wished I would have seen the "New" Nivanna & Billy Joel.
Cudos to all those who pulled this event off! 8)
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Re: 12/12/12 Concert in MSG

Post by bravedave »

Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Michael Stipe (REM) were wonderful together.
Sir Paul was OK, but his one song with 'Nirvana' was underwhelming although Dave Grohl looked like he was enjoying himself immensely behind the drums.
The Who sounded good but Roger Daltrey looks like Tom Jones.
Billy Joel still kicks ass.

One helluva show, at any price.

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Re: 12/12/12 Concert in MSG

Post by ScarletB »

It was crazy good - consensus of my FB friends (it was cool, like watching it together in the same room) was that they could have axed Kanye West - we concluded we're all too old and white to enjoy him. I loved seeing guys pushing 70 still rocking it so hard! It's a new world :D
I got home after it started so I missed the very beginning but saw most of it and I'm paying for it today - so glad I wasn't drinking during it or today would really be hideous.
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Re: 12/12/12 Concert in MSG

Post by STL Parrot »

I missed it...my son had a basketball game and then we had a Christmas party to attend. I hope they put it out on DVD...it would be a great way to raise some additional money for the cause.

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Re: 12/12/12 Concert in MSG

Post by drunkpirate66 »

Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl stole the show. If you haven't seen Pearl Jam or the Foo Fighters and you have the opportunity I implore you to go see them.
the hit and run is as good as any religion around this time of year . . .

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Re: 12/12/12 Concert in MSG

Post by LIPH »

I went out to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law so I missed about the first hour, maybe a little more. I didn't see Roger Waters, but I could never understand why anyone listened to Pink Floyd on purpose so I didn't mind not seeing him. Bon Jovi was a talent-free hack 30 years ago and some things don't change over time.

I would like to have seen the Stones do more than 2 songs. I liked The Who, but Daltrey needs to keep his shirt buttoned. :lol:

Clapton was outstanding. Clapton is always outstanding.

The less said about Kanye West the better. How did that clown ever get a recording contract?

I thought Billy Joel was pretty good.

I only know a handful of her songs, but Alicia Keys has a great voice. I really liked the new (and maybe improvised?) lyrics to No One and I liked Empire State Of Mind a helluva lot better without Jay-Z dueting on it with her.

I don't know if it was because they kept saying McCartney was coming up and the hours kept dragging on while we waited for him to hit the stage, but I was disappointed.
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Re: 12/12/12 Concert in MSG

Post by Tiki Torches »

LIPH wrote:I liked The Who, but Daltrey needs to keep his shirt buttoned. :lol:

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