highly upset

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highly upset

Post by jollymonsings »

ok i dont know where to start ranting about the cancelled october shows. let me start by sitting down i guess.
ive been anxiously waiting 4 the seattle show since it was announced. but today i just logged into margaritaville.com and found that it was cancelled. needless to say i was first shocked then upset then p*** off. but now im starting to cool off a little.

jb hasnt been up to the nw in about, i dont know...a friggin long time!! and now it's put off another year or so, who knows, maybe longer? 2011, 2012. god forbid. it was painful enough after the portland show back in 02 or 03 i cant remember which, that i had to wait 2+ years for him to show up again (ie vancouver, wa and auburn). but now 4 or 5 years later and its still not gunna happen? yeah this is definitely sucking.

maybe something important (ie "unanticipated scheduling conflicts") has come up, i respect that, i will live because things happen. but if its only a matter of these-shows-not-being-the-biggest-phlocking-areas-so-well-cancel-them-and-nobody-will-notice choice, then there better not be any other october dates mysteriously showing up in the future, or many a phan will get vicious, myself included.

I expect in early 2010 at least two or three shows to be in the pacific northwest to appease these phans. but will it happen? i dont know. That's just what i expect. I will go to each show up here, guaranteed. JB and co need to make up for the fact that they dont come up very often.

Thank you ALL for hearing me out. Much appreciated.

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Re: highly upset

Post by popcornjack »

One question. Where ya' been the last month? [smilie=sillyjester.gif] [smilie=sillyjester.gif] [smilie=sillyjester.gif]
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Re: highly upset

Post by IrishPirate »

popcornjack wrote:One question. Where ya' been the last month? [smilie=sillyjester.gif] [smilie=sillyjester.gif] [smilie=sillyjester.gif]

[smilie=sarcasm.gif] [smilie=sarcasm.gif] [smilie=sarcasm.gif]

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Re: highly upset

Post by Tropic_Al »

IrishPirate wrote:
popcornjack wrote:One question. Where ya' been the last month? [smilie=sillyjester.gif] [smilie=sillyjester.gif] [smilie=sillyjester.gif]

[smilie=sarcasm.gif] [smilie=sarcasm.gif] [smilie=sarcasm.gif]

That's nothing. I want my pit seats back! :-?
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Re: highly upset

Post by C-Dawg »

here we go again :roll: :roll: :roll:


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Re: highly upset

Post by karat »

lock down?
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Re: highly upset

Post by Elrod »

karat wrote::roll:
lock down?
I'd love to help you with that, but my personal moderator is unavailable at the moment. :lol:
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Re: highly upset

Post by SMLCHNG »

Hey, JM... many others are upset, too. Take a look a this thread, which is where all the comments have been made. :)