Pittsburgh 2013

The latest rumors and confirmed dates

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Re: Pittsburgh 2013

Post by parrothead216 »

karat wrote:Hmmm? Not on mville yet. Or on phip
Karat it came down from our PHC. about 2 hours ago. Yay for you and Pittsburgh and everyone going!! :wink:
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Re: Pittsburgh 2013

Post by alaura1974 »

Not confirmed there yet, but I will be making my reservations now seeing as how this came from a trustworthy source :wink:

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Re: Pittsburgh 2013

Post by Amo »

confirmed. July 18th
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Re: Pittsburgh 2013

Post by CindaBee »

Here's hoping!!!

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Re: Pittsburgh 2013

Post by Martyritaville »

karat wrote:Hmmm? Not on mville yet. Or on phip
Screenshot from last night...just for the Pittsburgh Police. Thanx for the confirmation, Amo.

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Re: Pittsburgh 2013

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Thread for those going: