Santa Barbara Bowl, Cali Oct 16th

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Re: Santa Barbara Bowl, Cali Oct 16th

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Yay!! Scored a seat! See you in Santa Barbara!!
And a tent site that faces the ocean at El Refugio!
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Re: Santa Barbara Bowl, Cali Oct 16th

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MerrickBill wrote:Great News!!! And the date is officially up on the Margaritaville tour date page.

Who knows what the tailgate situation is for this venue?

Bill.....There is no tailgating at this venue. It is smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood and the locals seem to really not like it when their streets are full of concert the point that simply eating taco bell in your car will get you hassled by the local LEO's.
The local PH clubs have pre-party events downtown at a couple of the bar/Mexican restaurants which was quite fun last time.
Have a good time!!!
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