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09/29/2007- Irvine CA

From the 2007 "Bama Breeze" tour
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Post by diverg » September 30, 2007 5:50 pm

SunLover wrote:I just checked out the RM stream later in the evening (I had to work tonight, grrrr). I wonder why there was no intermission at this show........
I was there and here is my best guess as to why there wasn't an intermission. Show start time was supposed to be at 8, and it was closer to 8:30 before it actually started. Lot's of empty seats at 8 as many people were still trying to get into the venue, and once you actually got into the gates you still had a long uphill walk to get to your seats. It was funny watching some of the folks that were a wee bit drunk trying to walk up that hill. :)