BOATS: (1) Margaritaville v. (2) One Partic Harbour [Winner]

The Winner: A Pirate Looks at Forty

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(1) Margaritaville v. (2) One Particular Harbour

Poll ended at April 6, 2007 6:36 pm

(1) Margaritaville
(2) One Particular Harbour
Total votes: 225

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Post by silverbetty »

caly wrote:Love both but....gotta go with the National Anthem
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Post by BareFootBoy »

Wow!!! I can't believe Margaritaville is getting thumped. I love both songs but I gotta go with Margaritaville, it started the whole thing.
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Post by CajunChefSteve »

Hands Down!!!
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Post by pojo »

WOW.... The National Anthem is on the chopping block!

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Post by unclejohn »

ejr wrote:Margaritaville is for the masses

OPH is for the parrotheads!

OPH all the way.
I like that. I went with OPH too
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Post by ScarletB »

As I said in one of the other threads, I don't know that any song by anyone tops OPH for me.

Sorry, M'ville!!!
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Post by gingerbreadman »

From (2) One Particular Harbour v. (7) Weather is Here
gingerbreadman wrote:Not a difficult choice for me.

I think OPH is gonna go all the way to the end and have to match up with Margaritaville.

In that case OPH will still get my vote!
cha ching! :lol:
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Post by calypsogirl »

One Particular Harbour....just brings such tropical and warm thoughts when you hear it. I am a Margaritaville phan and this vote was very tough. But...OPH :wink:

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Post by RoadToTheFinalFour »

The poll is closed and One Particular Harbour is the winner!!!
It will advance to the Final Four!!!

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