Favorite song from "Barometer Soup"

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Favorite BS song? (hahaha)

Barometer Soup
Barefoot Children In the Rain
Bank Of Bad Habits
Remittance Man
Blue Heaven Rendevouz
Jimmy Dreams
Lage Nom Ai
Don't Chu Know
No votes
Ballad of Skip Wiley
Night I Painted the Sky
Total votes: 218

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Post by lostparrot »

Mexico, but I like the whole cd.

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Post by redwinemaker »

Lots of great songs, but I picked Mexico ... Jeepgirl knows why :pirate:
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Post by CaptainP »

One song leading the way in this one

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Post by popcornjack »

Tough call. i like Diamond because I'm a fan of the short story it's based on. Painted Sky reminds me of when i was young and would ride around my neighborhood on July 5th looking at all the spent firework shells. barefoot is another favorite, but I had to go with Jimmy Dreams. It's just a sweet song full of hope.
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Post by Conolulu »

pbans wrote:Barefoot Children....because wrinkles only go where the smiles have been!

Ditto..... 8) :D

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Post by Karacal »

Barefoot Children in the Rain. :D :D :D :D

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Post by PalmTreeGal »

NIght I painted the Sky....no real particular reason. Just like the song. :)

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Post by f2cdlzrd »

I like all of these songs on an equal scale. Today I picked...the Night I Painted the Sky. All great songs.
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Post by rumdrinks »

This might be the toughest album to pick just one. Could be might favorite album. But went with Lage Nom Ai. Especially like the way songs progress from Blue Heaven to Jimmy Dreams to Lage and right into Don't Chu Know. Also really like the way album end with Mexico.

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Post by Soupy »

Barometer Soup - arguably one of his greatest songs and the best boating song ever. I liked it so much I named my boat after it.

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Post by big hat carmen »

Jimmy Dreams, a great philosophy to live by.

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Post by flipflopgirl »

Barefoot Children! This is one of my favorite albums! It is always in my stereo! :D
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Post by SolidMike »

Barometer Soup

It's one of those songs where I will crank the volume up a little bit higher when it comes on.

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Post by lminor26 »

I Will Play for Gumbo! (or rum, for that matter...)

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Post by MileHighPirate »

BAREFOOT is the standout for me here. Struck a chord when I first heard it.

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Post by Frank4 »

I went with Barometer Soup....I just liked the feel and sound of this song. One of those that puts you in a good mood
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Re: Favorite song from "Barometer Soup"

Post by JustDucky »

Title track. Excellent.

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Re: Favorite song from "Barometer Soup"

Post by Lightning Bolt »

I can't believe I missed this thread...

Barefoot Children... hands down. It's like pure inspiration.
but, Mexico is right behind as a sentimental favorite 8)
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Re: Favorite song from "Barometer Soup"

Post by luvinlife »

Barefoot Children...... My 7 year old son Nicholas loves to dance to it..
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Re: Favorite song from "Barometer Soup"

Post by KruzinParrots »

This album is great.

Barefoot Children In The Rain gets our vote. Loved it the first time we heard it.

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Jimmy's lyrics can put life into perspective !!

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