02/24/2009 - Maui, HI

From the 2009 tour

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Re: 02/24/2009 - Maui, HI

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gingerbreadman wrote:
skrull wrote:Here are a few minor changes as I recall:

Should be: Half baked surfers down at Breakwall (that is a surf spot in Lahaina)

And I think he said Struttin naked down the Hana Highway...

He mentions Fruitcakes from Hana, Paia and ?

Then I believe Rocky Neua is really Honolua Bay.

Of course this could an experience of too much tequilla for me... or not quite enough.

Hope this helped in some small way.
Oh, it helps! And thanks so much for helping! :D
The 'telescopes' (Haleakala) line sounds right: http://www.hawaiiforvisitors.com/attrac ... tories.htm

Thanx for doing this Dave! :D
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