08.18.2016 - Bangor, ME

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Re: 08.18.2016 - Bangor, ME

Post by rich_big »

looking at my notes I see yesterday was my anniversary. yaa!! :D

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Re: 08.18.2016 - Bangor, ME

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Saltx3 wrote:
Saltx3 wrote:
springparrot wrote:
MICHIPHIN wrote:Michi walks into a bar.......it is empty.....takes a seat at the end and orders a beer...

what time did this gig start???
7:00....how strange

I don't understand..........the show started at 7:00 PM Eastern?????...Why?...
New venue...maybe sound ordinance issues ?

Based on the other shows that are performing all start at 7pm with one starting at 730.
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Re: 08.18.2016 - Bangor, ME

Post by TommyBahama »

it must be a Town Ordinance , Alpine is the only one starting at 7. I'd rather the 7 start time , just because it takes forever getting out of the lot.

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Re: 08.18.2016 - Bangor, ME

Post by Saltx3 »

Our Pittsburgh concert on Tues Aug 23 starts at 8

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Re: 08.18.2016 - Bangor, ME

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7p was weird start. Bangor does have 1030p curfew on midweek concerts, 11p weekend.

Was kind of nice to be home at 945p, after getting there 12 hrs earlier.

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