It's Derby Week

Parroties of some of you favorite Buffett songs

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It's Derby Week

Post by chippewa »

Didn't see Jimmy's horse in the Kentucky Derby starting grid, but I'm sure he's ready in case there's a late scratch. Just in case...

Mint Julep Ville

Feastin' on burgoo
Love that home-cooked stew
All of these race fans placing two dollar bets
Big hats on ladies
Blue silks on boy babies
My Old Kentucky Home makes my eyes all wet

Wagerin' away again in my Mint Julep Ville
Got a sure thing, but my wallet's so thin
Some races claim and lead that pony to fame
and I know
this horse is ready to win

Don't know the reason
I sat here Spring Season
But it's Derby Day, let's race for the Crown
I like the big long shots
Daily Double or Tri Box
If he breaks his leg twice, they'll have put my horse down

Wagerin' away again in my Mint Julep Ville
Searchin' through hot tips and Racing Forms
Wife's on the phone, she says, "Get your ass home"
Now I wish
That horse had never been born

The sound of that clip-clop
Makes my old heart stop
but I ain't picked a winner since two-thousand-three
But with some mint and aged whiskey
Hey, number five's looking frisky!
If he hits eight to one, then I'm finally debt-free

They sprint as the bell rings (it's the lost verse!)
My pick trots like a gelding
Is this his first race? 'Cause he has not a clue
Blinders block his eyes
He's running 'round clockwise
He's not a racehorse, I hope he makes better glue

Wagerin' away again in my Mint Julep Ville
Pulaski County to win could really fill up my vault
Lost by a nose, shoulda bet him to show
But I know
It's that damn horse's fault
Yes, there's
some people claim that it's the jockey to blame
Still I know
It's that damn horse's fault

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