April 25 lawn tickets on e bay might be a good deal

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April 25 lawn tickets on e bay might be a good deal

Post by Redlordamazon »

I was surfinge bay and came up with these lawn seat for april 25 I do not know anything about the venue just looks like it MIGHT be a good deal. Itdoes not hurt for anyone in the San Fransisco are to check it out. Listed as

stearting bid 5.99 about nine hours to go no bids and only 4 people looked at them. There are two listingsfor them.

http://cgi.ebay.com/2-Jimmy-Buffett-Law ... dZViewItem

http://cgi.ebay.com/2-Jimmy-Buffett-Law ... dZViewItem

They do not do me any good since I am on the east coast hopefully they will work out for some good folks on the west coast

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Post by mason »

there are a lot of lawn tix for under face value on e bay and craigs list, for shoreline.

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Post by PIR8-4T »

Scanning Ebay for the Shoreline concert tickets showed that a lot of ticket brokers from around the nation lost a lot of money. One $126 ticket went for $1.50. The early April date made the show iffy with all of the rain in Cal. Maybe now the tickets will be available to fans directly and not through all of the brokers trying to make money. This was a interesting situation for me as Shoreline in my hoome concert venue but already had plan a trip to Florida for that week. Now and then I checked ticketmaster for tickets and good second section seats were available right up to show time. For those that went were the all of the reserved seats filled?

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Post by beachmusic »

The reserved section was sold out. The lawn, probably 2/3rds full. Total attendance was about 16,000 which is well below what Jimmy normally draws at Shoreline. Great show anyway. The new sound and video system has greatly improved the concert experience from the lawn.

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Post by habourgirl »

I was in reserved and there were actually empty seats all over the place. People kept sneaking forward.... It was still a great show!

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