Sail on Gary Carter

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Sail on Gary Carter

Post by fabduo »

Sadly he lost his battle with brain cancer today at the age of 57 :cry: :cry:
He was a true gentleman and will always be "The Kid"!!!!
Sail on Gary you will be missed!!!

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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by lime rickie »

So sad. Cancer sucks.

Sail on, Gary.
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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by dnw »

Sail on, Gary.

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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by ejr »

Very sad news.

Sail on, Gary.
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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by TommyBahama »

Very Sad news.....Sail on Kid.....Thanks for the memories and the '86 World Series win!!!!

a friend of mine also passed away today from the same Brain Cancer , he was , i want to say 58 , we were UCONN football season ticket holders together.
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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by lati2d »

Sail on Gary. You were one of the best.
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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by JollyMon66 »

When a Phillies fan can like a know the type of respect he earned from me. He was the total package...a great catcher who could bring the bat. By all accounts he was a class act off the field. Sail on Gary.
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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by SchoolGirlHeart »

Sail on Gary, from a lifelong Red Sox fan. You were the real deal, and the world is a lesser place without you. :(
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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by jimsig »

Sail on Kid. I was always happy that Gary had won the World Series even though I am a Red Sox fan.
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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by ContinentalDrifterIII »

#8 Sail on Gary. The Kid. Thanks for all the great memories.

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Re: Sail on Gary Carter

Post by Ragtop Girl »

Sail on Gary ....... way to young to leave......

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