Sail On, George H. W. Bush

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big john
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Sail On, George H. W. Bush

Post by big john »

I can't believe no one has brought this up yet. If you didn't appreciate him as president at least
respect him for his service as the youngest Navy fighter pilot in WWII. He was shot down during his
50th mission. Sail on, Mr. President. :pirate:
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Re: Sail On, George H. W. Bush

Post by SMLCHNG »

Thank you, John. We've not been home most of the day.

Sail on, President Bush. :(

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Re: Sail On, George H. W. Bush

Post by Crazy Navy Flyer »

Let's drink to their memories, our heroes and our pals, to those crazy Navy fliers..... Sail on President Bush.
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Re: Sail On, George H. W. Bush

Post by dnw »

Sail on, President Bush.


Wino you know
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Re: Sail On, George H. W. Bush

Post by Wino you know »

Thank you for starting this thread, John.
The man’s love of his country, family, and fellow man cannot be argued. An American hero from the greatest generation and a true patriot.
Sail on, Mr. President- it was my honor to call you my Commander In Chief during my final years as an active Naval Reservist.

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Re: Sail On, George H. W. Bush

Post by springparrot »

Sail on Mr President

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Re: Sail On, George H. W. Bush

Post by TommyBahama »

RIP President Bush ( #41) , He did truly love his family and Fellow Man. I think the passing of Barbara , started his downward Journey. I believe he passed away from a broken heart. Granted he was 94.

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