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Buffett records video for Playing For Change

A recent post on Facebook says that Jimmy Buffett recorded a video for The Grateful Dead tribute “Playing For Change”

From Facebook: Boss doing his part in Playing For Change’s soon to be released ‘Ripple’ video. As Jerry Garcia said, “Let there be songs to fill the air…” (the Montauk Lighthouse is in the background)

In honor of The Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary and final show, Playing For Change will soon release a brand new Song Around The World covering The Grateful Dead’s 1970 classic, “Ripple.” Featuring an eclectic cadre of legendary artists, including new and veteran Playing For Change musicians, “Ripple” will be released on July 5th as the 50th and final video of JamBase’s Grateful Dead tribute series, “Songs Of Their Own.”

Net proceeds from “Ripple,” and associated merchandise and sponsorship opportunities, will benefit the Playing For Change Foundation’s music schools and programs for children worldwide.

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Jimmy Buffett

Buffett asked about doing a New Album

From “Sound Check: New music is on Jimmy Buffett’s horizon

It almost makes you forget Buffett makes records, too. But he does — and has for 45 years this summer. His releases started going Top 5 during the ’90s, and he nailed his first No. 1 with 2004’s “License To Chill.” But Buffett — whose empire also includes restaurants, satellite radio, Internet radio and TV stations and his own record label — says he, like so many other artists, is taking his time figuring out the best way to release music in the digital age.

“Will we do another album? I don’t know the answer to that,” Buffett, 68, says by phone. “We’re just trying to find the system where the next batch of new music goes. It’s certainly not like it was when I started out, or for most of my career, for that matter.”

“For me, an album is just about adding something; if you like this, you can add it to the collection,” he explains. “I’m not out there trying to win hits or chase Grammys or (stuff) like that. I’m just trying to stay in the game at our level.”

Buffett sees the potential for using the digital world to his advantage, too — such as live or filmed streams of him and the band in the studio working on new music, and possibly investing the Parrotheads in the process.

“We can have ’em in there watching us make it, and they can say what songs they want — that’s the kind of thing I’m looking at,” he says. He also hopes that seeing an album being made will make fans more apt to actually buy it when it comes out.

“The beauty of having the other guys in the same room is you can switch gears and automatically make changes or go on to something else instead of having the one idea you’ve been presented with and having to bang your head against the wall to make it work,” he explains. “Truth be told, that’s the way it should be. That’s the way we made the last few albums, and it was an amazing experience. I think we all really, really enjoyed that, and I think that’s something people would enjoy seeing.”

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Workin’ and Playin’ in Cincinnati

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band brought the Workin’ n Playin’ tour to the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati OH.

The set list from the show is now available. Buffett and the band played 26 songs including “Take Another Road” (last played 06-23-2011 Camden, NJ), “Bank Of Bad Habits”, “Havana Daydreamin'”, “The Great Filling Station Holdup”, “Gypsies In The Palace”, and “Defying Gravity” for the final encore.

The tour continues on Thursday June 25, 2015 at the West Riverfront Park in Detroit, MI.

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Workin’ and Playin’ in Bristow VA

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band brought the Workin’ n Playin’ tour to Jiffy Lube Live last night in Bristow, VA.

The set list from the show is now available. Buffett and the band played 25 songs including “Surfing in a Hurricane” (last played Sept 2, 2011 Bristow VA), “It’s My Job” (last played Sept 23 2012 Melbourne AU), and “Tin Cup Chalice” for the final encore.

Before the show began Jimmy performed “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” with Mac McAnally and Peter Mayer on guitars. Buffett also announced that Huey Lewis and the News will be the opening act for the New Year’s Eve show at the Barclays Center in New York City.

The tour continues on Tuesday June 23rd at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, OH.

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Reaction to Buffett’s appearance in Jurassic World

From Buzz Feed: “The Hero Of “Jurassic World” Is Not Chris Pratt, But The Man Double-Fisting Margaritas

Nicole: “You know that person who grabs two margaritas while being chased by a T-Rex in Jurassic World? I’m that person”

Amelia: “The guy in Jurassic world who ran away from the dinosaur Holding two glasses of margarita is the real mvp”


From US Magazine: “Jurassic World Secrets: Jimmy Buffett Is the Man Double Fisting Margaritas During Pterodactyl Attack

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