Buffett coming to Atlanta

I work for a radio station in Atlanta and I can CONFIRM that JB is coming to Atlanta this fall. He will play 2 shows, possibly 3 (still negotiating the third) at the Philips Arena. Dates aren’t set yet but November is the month. This radio station, beginning with Z, has already started dropping hints but there is a petition involved and regardless of that petition the deal is done. THIS IS NOT A RUMOR OR A JOKE! I’m only spilling this info to ease some parrothead minds in the ATL area and let you know he IS coming. NO, I don’t have any info. on other cities, but the rest of you keep hope. I doubt he would come to Atlanta for a couple of days and not go anywhere else. Anyway, happy sailing.

Jillian’s of Annapolis,MD…BIG BEACH BASH!!!

Jillian’s of Annapolis is hosting it’s 1st annual BIG BEACH BASH on Saturday July 21st. Wear your favorite Parrot Head attire and receive your complimentary lei at the door. Listen to “Sons of Pirates”. Margarita stans, beer tent, jello shots, cheap Coronas all night, prizes & giveaways, free buffet…EAT DRINK PLAY!! Festivities begin at 6pm. 2072 Somerville Rd. Annapolis, MD 410.841.5599 Don’t miss the hottest party in Annapolis!

Concert Season Slow

The Boston Globe has an article: “Summer concerts hit a few sour notes

“The Tweeter Center in Mansfield has more than held its own – featuring sellouts by Aerosmith, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and Jimmy Buffett – but it has a slow mover in the new Area: One Festival, a mix of live acts and DJs, organized by Moby. And even tried-and-true Tweeter artists like Barenaked Ladies and John Mellencamp are not doing their normal business, though some other acts have done better, such as Dido, who drew about 9,000, and classic-rock headliners Journey and Poison, each of whom drew 10,000. The Tweeter Center’s capacity is 19,900.”

EOnline has an article “Concert Season Slows. Just Ask Rod” that mentions Jimmy Buffett made the list of the Top Ten grossing acts so far for 2001 with $13.5 million in sales.