Bubba’s Music on my TV 24/7

For anyone out there who has access to the DISH NETWORK as your satellite provider, I highly recommend you checking out their “Tropical Breezes” channel. It plays CD quality songs 24 hours a day with no interruptions and the cool thing is that every 5th song is a Buffett tune. It is pretty much like a Radio Margaritaville mix, with every thing from Club Trini to the Marleys to UB40 in between.

Orange Crush

From Tom Swidorski: In Tim Dorsey’s new novel, “Orange Crush”, Jimmy and the Parrot Heads are mentioned several times towards the end of the book. As the plot winds down, Jimmy and Steven Stills are givin an “unplugged” concert at a political rally.

Fred Neil Dies of Natural Causes

Singer Fred Neil died July 7th on Summerland Key. The NY Times has an article “Fred Neil, Folk Singer and Composer, Dies at 64

Jimmy Buffett said this quote about Fred in reference to the song “Lucky Stars”: “I learned about Fred Neil from Jerry Jeff (Walker). Steve Huntington (of Radio Margaritaville) had just given me the CD compilation of all of Fred’s stuff. I had it in my car for a month before we recorded and I guess I just slipped into the wonderful and infectious style. This is for Fred and Jerry Jeff”

Jimmy covers Phish on tribute album. Sound clip and info her

Jimmy has a track on a new Phish tribute album, out on July 17th. “Sharin’ in the Groove” comes from the Mockingbird Foundation, and raises funds for youth music programs. Jimmy is a Phish fan who joined them on stage at a 1995 Florida show. For the album he delivers a spirited take on “Gumbo”, the only Phish song with lyrics about a parrot. The 2-CD set also features The Wailers, Hot Tuna, Dave Matthews, Arlo Guthrie and many more, and is now available for preorder for $12.

More information on the album and to pre-order it visit:

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