Charity Concert

From kwd: It looks like Jimmy will be doing a charity concert for one of the Miami Heat players July 13th, plus I hear a PHundraising golf tournament to boot (? date). I didn’t hear the actual radio announcement today but the rumor that this was going down had been around for about a week now & this confirmed it.

Parrothead party in Norfolk, VA

Jillian’s Bar & Restaurant in Norfolk Waterside will be hosting their 1st Annual Parrothead Beach Party in their outdoor venue on Saturday, June 23rd. Festivities begin at 8 PM and music by Buffett cover group “1 Too Many Band” begins at 9 PM. 2 pairs of prime reserved seats to the sold-out Sept. 8th Buffett show in Manassas, VA will be raffled off to 2 lucky winners! Wear Parrothead attire and receive an extra chance to win tickets. There will be plenty of ice-cold Corona on hand and a custom built pool & deck to the side of the main stage to enjoy!

Islands Magazine

In the 20th Anniversary issue of Islands Magazine (July/ August) there is a Sgt. Peppers album cover take-off featuring images of Island icons from music,movies, books, art, history, and television. Jimmy is prominently featured along with Capt. James Cook, Ernest Hemingway, Ton Hanks, Bob Marley, and the cast of Gilligan’s Island!

Biker Bird

From Mark Lucy: There is an article in the June 2001 issue of Virginia Full Throttle magazine about a Blue and Gold Macaw parrot that has logged over 15,000 miles riding with his “dad” on a motorcycle. I think any Parrothead would find this very, very interesting, especially some of the things that this bird has been taught.

What’s blue and gold and can ride a Harley like nobody’s business? Spike, an 8 year old macaw parrot from Manassas, VA who has ridden over 15,000 miles. Check out this months magazine to learn all about how Spike, with the help of his dad, Mike has learned the true meaning of “keeping the wind under your wings”. Each month our readers will get a “birds eye view” of local events, rides and runs that Spike will be attending. Keep a look out for this amazing biker bird!

Anyone who wants to read it should visit the web site and request a copy. They can be found at