New Networking Website for Parrotheads

[b:e0d1790cba]You party with your Parrothead phriends, so why not do business with them too!![/b:e0d1790cba]

Direct your browers to [url][/url] and check out the networking site just for Parrotheads. If you have a service to list, be sure to e-mail us with all the pertinent details (company name, parrothead’s name, e-mail, web site, etc…..). Even if you don’t have a business to sumbit, be sure to bookmark the page and turn to this website before you search your local yellow pages and keep a Parrothead employed!!

Theses listings are only available to Parrothead club members [b:e0d1790cba]AND THERE IS NO CHARGE[/b:e0d1790cba] to be listed. In true Parrothead phashion, income derived phrom advertisers and sponsors will be shared with charitable organizations.

Emeril’s Citywalk Special

From Scott French: “Salute to Citywalk, Emeril salutes the restaurants of Universal Studios CityWalk under the stars”. Recipes: Emeril’s Orlando-Pizza, Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, The Latin Quarter’s Seafood Ceviche, Bob Marley’s Jerk Marinated Chicken breast skewers with creamy cucumber dipping sauce. Air date: Thursday, June 21 at 8pm and 11pm.

Don Imus mentions Buffett

From Bob: Flipping channels, came across cnn’s Larry King Live with Don Imus (radio figure). Not familiar with him, but he seems like a “tell it like it is” interesting character. They were discussing Bush’s daughters drinking at that bar in Texas, and mentioned secret service being there in Hawaiian shirts. Then he says, “What did they think they were doing, going to a Jimmy Buffett concert?”