Buffett Mentioned Again

I know this is probably old news to most, and I don’t have all of the details, but for what it’s worth, here we go. Jimmy was mentioned on the Food Network show “Foodnation with Bobby Flay” last night. Bobby was featuring food of the Chesapeake Bay. He usually has a musical guest with a little local flavor. Last nights guest (I’m sorry, I missed his name. I didn’t really start paying attention until Jimmy was mentioned)was asked to describe his music. He said “it’s not really country and it’s not really pop” he went on to say “it’s Bay music” At that point Bobby chimed in with “sorta like the Jimmy Buffett of the Chesapeake Bay?” The guest then said that he took that “as an honor and a compliment” If someone who saw it could give the guys name, it would be appreciated. His music wasn’t bad, and anyone who thinks that highly of Jimmy, is ok in my book. Once again, for what it was worth.

Australia Morning News

What a blast. On one of Australia’s main network’s morning news shows, they actually showed a few minutes of Jimmy’s Today show performance from earlier this week in the US. Now that may not be news to you in the States, but believe me for a Down Under fan, that is AMAZING news.

Boston Herald Mentions JB

From Today’s Boston Herald: Actress extraordinaire Anjelica Huston’s landed on Martha’s Vineyard for some sun and fun with Jimmy Buffett’s family. She’s been spotted eating lunch at Zephrus in Vineyard Haven and getting a kick out of Balance in Oak Bluffs.

Jimmy Quoted in Reader’s Digest

While reading my August, 2001, copy of Reader’s Digest, I went to the Quotable Quotes section. There, the second quote is “It takes no more time to see the good side of life than to see the bad.” — Jimmy Buffett, Tales from Margaritaville (Harcourt). Just thought I’d pass this on, in case no one else did