Article on Parrots

There is an interesting article in today’s Washington Post “Bye Bye Birdie, Parrots’ Demands Often Prompt Owners to Take Flight” about Marc Johnson, the man who founded and runs Foster Parrots Ltd.

The link is:

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New Album Cover Song

The new Buffett album “Far Side Of The World” will include a cover of Sonny Landreth’s “The U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile”. You can listen to Sonny’s original version at CDNOW.

Sonny Landreth has this to say about the song “The U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile”: “After driving a small car for years, my friends were impressed when I inherited my parents’ old ’82 Oldsmobile 98 – ‘It’s as big as a boat!’ We’d pile in and run the roads to dance halls and zydeco clubs in places like Opelousas, Lawtell, Frilot Cove and Dog Hill. Once, at the end of a long night, I was digging for my keys and almost got into the wrong car. When I stepped back out onto the road, I could see a whole fleet of zydecoldsmobiles lined up and parked along Highway 90. A car that size won’t stretch your gas mileage, but at least you can dance on the trunk.”

Jimmy on the pages of US weekly

Their is a picture on page 9 of the Sept. 3rd issue of US weekly of Jimmy and Jane. They also briefly mention his house is next to Christy Brinkley’s. (Some guys get all the luck 😉

Carnival ends run in the Bahamas

From Ron Morehead: An article in the August 23rd USA Today titled “Slow Ticket Sales stop Buffett and Wouk’s ‘Carnival’” mentions that after four months, ‘Don’t Stop the Carnival’ has it’s last performance this Saturday August 25th. They hint that the high $60 tickets price could be the problem. Read the article at:

Buffett and the Swing Dogs in Nantucket

From today’s Boston Herald: “Buffett and the Dogs had ’em howling on Nantucket” by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa

It wasn’t Margaritaville but it was Jimmy Buffett wailing away with the house band at The Chicken Box on Nantucket the other night in an impromptu concert that had the island Parrothead populace flying high.

“The place was just jammin’ and it was quite a show,” said islander Roy Flanders who was lucky enough to be in da house when Jimmy showed up. “It was fun for everybody and he was having more fun than anybody.”

Well, Chicken on Nantucket beats a Cheeseburger In Paradise any day, right?

According to our barfly spies, Jimmy – who flew to the island just as soon as he returned from France Tuesday – called the manager of the Chicken Box and asked if he could come in and jam with the house band, Ecliff & the Swing Dogs.

Well, what was he going to say, no?

“Jimmy met the band at a wedding in Italy in June and he’s sort of adopted them,” said Flanders, whose S. O. plays with the Swing Dogs. “I guess they’re the Nantucket version of the Coral Reefer Band.”

Buffett and the Dogs got down with Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl,” `You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” by the Stones, Jimmy’s own “Margaritaville,” and then, Buffett dedicated one to Sen. Jesse Helms, who announced he’s planning his own Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude – “Why Don’t We Get Drunk And (Bleep).”

“They played until 2 a.m.,” Flanders said. “The only way he could get people to leave was to tell them he was going out to the parking lot to sign autographs. And he did for about 45 minutes. It was a gas.”

And that’s today’s tale of Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads