Denver – Fiddlers Green Review

The Rocky Mountain News has a favorable review of the Denver show: “Brilliant Buffett brings back memories for parrotheads“.

Mentioned in the article: Whether you love or hate Buffett’s music, one thing is undeniable: “The man is brilliant. He knows just what to do to increase his live fan base every year. He’s not only content to sing the hits, but he’s genuinely happy to do so. He may be a walking ’70s jukebox, but at least he’s a cheerful one”.

Drinking on a Fake ID

From Nikki: In today’s NY Post: “BUSH TWINS FACING RAP TWO-GETHER“.

June 1, 2001 — Jenna and Barbara Bush got slapped with twin misdemeanor charges yesterday in their Margaritaville mess. Jenna was cited for using a fake ID in a failed bid to buy booze in an Austin, Texas restaurant – reportedly a margarita – while Barbara, who succeeded in getting a margarita, got charged as a minor in possession of alcohol, police said.

Radio Margaritaville Story

There’s a story about Steve Huntington and Radio Margaritaville in today’s Boston Herald (Friday June 1st).

The Radio Margaritaville Article also appeared in Sunday’s Atlanta Journal/Constitution on page two in the “Arts” section (Sunday June 3rd).