Margaritaville Panama City

Just talked to a friend who bartends at the Margaritaville in Orlando. He gave me a few details about the new Margaritaville in Panama City. The new M’ville is supposed to be about a block away from Edgewater. Apparently, it will cover both sides of the street! (Front Beach Road). And instead of a volcano at the bar, this one will have a tornado. FINS UP!

West Palm Beach Krispy Kreme Site?

From Terri Romeo: An aritcle in today’s Palm Beach Post says, “Buffett Mum on Latitude of Kreme site.”. Apparently the site for the first Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in West Palm Beach hasn’t been chosen yet or Jimmy is being tight-lipped. What is known is that the first of at least two shops could open in mid-November, according to a Krispy Kreme marketing exec, and that Buffett wants to be on well-traveled Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm near Interstate 95. Location, Location, Location !!! Buffett is buying a building from a business owner who also is not talking in case the deal falls through. It’s expected to close in late July.

Alpine Valley Show Review

Here’s part of a review of the June 2nd Alpine show submitted by a fan:

Jimmy was “on” from the opening song and looked very happy to be in Alpine once again. His voice was strong and was hitting his full range. Mac was back and Jimmy appeared to have his, (as he called him later) “his friend” up here. Three notable acts occurred; the first was late in the show Jimmy grabbed a beer stein hat from the audience and played with the hat for a while. Then later someone threw a shark hat on stage and we wore that while he played Fins! Finally on the intro to Gypsies in the palace Jimmy forgot part of the poem, it was quite hysterical. I give him a 10 for his recovery on that one.

The final encore was “He Went To Paris” and was filled with emotion. This emotion on his face really summed up the evening for everyone including Jimmy, what a great singer songwriter and head parrothead who really loves all of this, as he calls it “nonsense”.

Read the full review | Set List from the show

Southampton Guest Appearance Possible?

Nothing is confirmed but it would be interesting to see:

From MetroJoe: Southampton College just announced the lineup for it’s annual “All For The Sea” Concert… Paul Simon & Brian Wilson. The concert will take place on Monday, July 23. No word yet on when tickets go on sale.

Let’s see… Jimmy will have done the Today Show the previous Friday, so he should be in town…he’s already done two “All For The Sea” Concerts and appeared at a third when James Taylor was the headliner…he’s performed with Paul Simon at “Back to the Ranch” concerts in Montauk…he’s a good friend of Brian Wilson…and Buffett friend, Robert F.X. Sillerman (concert promoter extraordinaire – as in SFX ) is the Southampton College Chancellor and Jimmy lives about 15 minutes away from the college (five minutes with a police escort).

Hearing “South America” live would be pretty cool.