Lucy’s Seafood Gumbo

Real Simple magazine has the original recipe from Alabama restauranteur Lucy Anne Buffett, “Crazy Sista Seafood Gumbo” featured in this month’s issue.

From Kathy: There is a very fine article written about Lucy Buffett called “When you find it you’ll know” in the June/July issue of Real Simple mag. The photo’s are wonderful. The “12 Things Lucy Finally Knows” are interesting. She does include her recipe for Crazy Sista Seafood Gumbo on page 82.

Maxim Article

From the new issue of Maxim [June 2001, p. 197], Road Trippin’ – Summer Concert Series. Jimmy Buffett, What to expect: Reps tell us the theme of this year’s Parrothead pilgrimage is ‘2001: A Beach Odyssey,’ which might mean ambient electronic compositions — but Jimmy will probably just play ‘Margaritaville.’ Best excuse not to go: You could see your parents. Must-have souvenir: A bad rum-punch hangover.
(Malcolm, Toronto’s #1 Parrothead)

Jimmy Reviews Pearl Harbor

In an interview with Steve Huntington on Radio Margaritaville, Jimmy had this to say about the movie Pearl Harbor: “When I got to the movies … I looking for entertainment only. I liked the flying sequences and the computer generated graphics. It was a mindless 3 hours on the road. The storyline is about as complicated as a soap opera. It didn’t need to be 3 hours to get to the bombing. It wasn’t as gut wrenching as Private Ryan. It was a fun afternoon at the movies if you like old planes. I spent alot of time in Hawaii, and I’ve been to the battleship memorial (USS Arizona), that’s like going to church. Even better than the the movie I went home and saw the 2 hour Tom Brokaw special on NBC, with people who were stationed at Pearl Harbor the day of the attack.”

The Saturday Irvine Show

A report on the first Irvine show from one of our readers: The Irvine show was outstanding. Phans did not let a little rain stop their enthusiasm, it merely required that some folks used a little more anitfreeze than previous shows if that is possible. However, some people actually left at intermission and even more began walking toward the gate after the first encore.

From our seats in Terrace 9 we were so far up and to the right I could barely see Amy Lee but she sounded great. Additional characters/dancers were used to move props onto and off the stage. The videos/skits, as reported pre-tour by JimmyDotCom, were hilarious. I heard several people commenting on the mix of songs being more diverse than in past years and they all seemed happy with the acoustic set.

Chicago Sun Times Article

From Dave: The Chicago Sun Times has a good article and interview with Jimmy “The ‘Carnival’ goes on for Parrotheads’ king”.

Some interesting comments by Jimmy:

There is already talk of bringing the show to the States. ”I’d like the show to have an open-ended run and stay here,” Buffett said. ”My real idea is that I’d like to do a mail-boat version of it and take it to the islands–build a box-size theater and put it on a boat. Its been wonderfully received by local [Bahamaian] people [in previews]. I’d probably tour this. Our [Coral Reefer Band] tour dates continue to shrivel up as we pull back.”

Expect Buffett to play more new songs Saturday. He just finished collaborating with two young musicians from St. Bart’s on a ballad about the hotel that he owned, which will appear on his upcoming album ”Far Side of the World.” ”Our hotel was the wildest place on the island,” he said. ”It burned to the ground in ’91. There was a fire in the disco, where of course, it would be.” Buffett has also hired New Orleans guitarist Sonny Landreth to play on the new record. ”I saw Sonny at [this year’s New Orleans] jazz fest,”

Buffett won’t tour for the rest of the summer. He’s taking the summer off for the first time in 28 years. He’ll return to the road in the fall. ”I’m going to Europe with my kids and boat around Europe,” he said. ”But my real dream is to arrive in Chicago and have the Cubs still be above .500.”