Jimmy on Fox 29 News

From Patrick Phillips: I did want to drop a line to mention that JIMMY was on the FOX 29-NEWS, Philadelphia, Pa. on Saturday may 5th. It was a interview about Don’t Stop The Carnival play at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. He spoke for about 3 to 4 minutes reguarding how much He enjoys doing the play there because He can fly His seaplane to work!.

Jimmy Serves Up More Gumbo

From Andy Hunt: I just found out that the Phish song that Jimmy Buffett will play for The Phish Tribute album will be “Gumbo” (it’s not Jimmy’s song “I will play for Gumbo”). I’ve heard Phish play this live and its a great song. They sometimes play it w/ horns if someone is there to play. You can hear Phish’s “Gumbo” at Amazon.com on the album “A Live One”

Two Coral Reefer Shows Near Irvine

From Cheryl Wilson: Here’s some information about a couple Coral Reefer concerts at Irvine on Sunday between the 2 Jimmy Concerts: REEFER MADNESS STRIKES SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Not one, but TWO Coral Reefer Shows.

Sunday May 27th – Peter & Jim Mayer & Friends will be appearing at Sloppy Joes in the Irvine Spectrom Sunday May 27th from 2-5:00PM. Special Parrot Head cover only $ 10.00 ea. Contact Connie Harrington at xxkissesx@aol.com or 949-476-0101 http://www.petermayer.com

Mac McAnally & Friends – Sunday May 27th at 8:00PM. The Coach House, 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano. Mac McAnally will be returning to Orange County once again to put on a special show for all the Parrot Heads. Those of you who saw Mac last year at The Crazy Horse know just how great Mac’s music is. Special guests? You never know… Remember last year Mac brought Peter Mayer, “Fingers” Taylor and Tina Gullickson with him to play. Tickets only $ 17.50 ea. http://www.macmcanally.com Call the Coach House at 949-496-8930 or order your tickets at http://www.Ticketmaster.com

Don’t Miss Out On This Special Day – Sunday May 27 Need a hotel room for the Buffett concert weekend? The Court Yard Marriott still has rooms available in the Parrot Head block at a great price. The Courtyard is very close to Irvine (Verizon) Meadows. Call Mike Mc Lain 805-526-1911 or email Mike@tropotravel.com

Jimmy Sighting

Reported by Charlotte/Vince: Jimmy stopped by LuLu’s to have a little lunch today. There were quite a few people there. He signed a couple of autographs and smiled for the camera. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Claudia Cummings

From Bob Firpy: Former Coral Reefer, Claudia Cummings has written and produced a song, called ‘Dizzy’, that has been chosen for the title track for the new Jim Carrey movie, “The Majestic”. The film is written, produced and directed by Frank Darabont who also did ” The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile”. Claudia also produced 7 other songs that are to be included in the movie as well. The film is due for release in December, 2001.

Jimmy with Mac in New Orleans

From John: As I’m sure you’ve heard, Jimmy played Margaritaville in New Orleans with Mac McAnally last night. The show was great, Jimmy’s mom was there, he was really having fun being Mac’s band. He came out on like the third song, but just played and sang back up for a while. The set list contained mainly Mac songs and songs Jimmy and mac wrote together. The set list was something like this: (i’m not sure at all on the order, and i may have left one or two out. this is what i remember).

Jimmy will probably stop by again at tonight’s show.

1. It’s a Crazy World
2. Pot top Hop
3. ??
4. Looking Back
5. Semi-True Stories
6. Presents to Send You
7. Wino and I know
8. In the City
9. Miracle
10. When the Coast Is Clear
11. It’s My Job
12. The Ass and the Hole
13. Gentleman of Leisure
14. Oysters and Pearls
15. Southern Cross