Irvine Show Review

The Orange County Register has a review of Saturday’s Irvine Show: “Smooth sailing for Jimmy Buffett“.

They had this to say about Jimmy: “Clad in an aloha shirt, lime-green shorts and bare feet, the balding entertainer resembled Capt. Stubing of ‘The Love Boat’ after a particularly severe mid-life crisis”.

The article goes on to say: The evening’s attempts at humor fell a bit flat, though the beer-bong contingent seemed to think everything was a hoot.

Sometimes, Buffett can seem like a prisoner in his own party, as when he attempted an “unplugged” mini-set right after intermission .. many in the crowd buzzed restlessly – they’d just fetched fresh beers and were itching to do the “Fins” dance.

Captain Tony’s on MTV

MTV is setting up camp in Key West Florida for their summer beach house. Just behind the main stage to MTV’s “Total Request Live” is the famous Captain Tony’s Saloon. Captain Tony’s is mentioned in Jimmy Buffett’s “Last Mango In Paris”.

New Layout for the News Page

I’ve implemented some changes to the News page here at You can now post comments for each news story (if you’ve registered for the discussion board, you can use the same username and password). The layout for the page has changed slightly, and i’ve made it easier to submit news articles.

Lucy’s Seafood Gumbo

Real Simple magazine has the original recipe from Alabama restauranteur Lucy Anne Buffett, “Crazy Sista Seafood Gumbo” featured in this month’s issue.

From Kathy: There is a very fine article written about Lucy Buffett called “When you find it you’ll know” in the June/July issue of Real Simple mag. The photo’s are wonderful. The “12 Things Lucy Finally Knows” are interesting. She does include her recipe for Crazy Sista Seafood Gumbo on page 82.

Maxim Article

From the new issue of Maxim [June 2001, p. 197], Road Trippin’ – Summer Concert Series. Jimmy Buffett, What to expect: Reps tell us the theme of this year’s Parrothead pilgrimage is ‘2001: A Beach Odyssey,’ which might mean ambient electronic compositions — but Jimmy will probably just play ‘Margaritaville.’ Best excuse not to go: You could see your parents. Must-have souvenir: A bad rum-punch hangover.
(Malcolm, Toronto’s #1 Parrothead)

Jimmy Reviews Pearl Harbor

In an interview with Steve Huntington on Radio Margaritaville, Jimmy had this to say about the movie Pearl Harbor: “When I got to the movies … I looking for entertainment only. I liked the flying sequences and the computer generated graphics. It was a mindless 3 hours on the road. The storyline is about as complicated as a soap opera. It didn’t need to be 3 hours to get to the bombing. It wasn’t as gut wrenching as Private Ryan. It was a fun afternoon at the movies if you like old planes. I spent alot of time in Hawaii, and I’ve been to the battleship memorial (USS Arizona), that’s like going to church. Even better than the the movie I went home and saw the 2 hour Tom Brokaw special on NBC, with people who were stationed at Pearl Harbor the day of the attack.”