Coral Reefer Band

Roger Guth

While growing up on a farm outside of St. Louis, Roger Guth knew that playing music would be an integral part of his life. Roger remembers helping out his father’s little wedding band by playing drums in local VFW halls as a ten year old, but also remembers the band having to bring along a drum machine just in case he fell asleep. By the time Roger entered his teens, he had already built a strong foundation as both a drummer and pianist. This would prove to be a stepping-stone that would help him in reaching his ultimate goal of being the outstanding musician/songwrter that he is today.

Some of Roger’s early influences in music came by listening to great jazz performers such as Elvin Jones and Buddy Rich, and then later by listening to some of the black jazz musicians of the time. Roger was inspired by many people to not only write music, but use his unique vocal ability as well.

Roger has performed with or has written songs for Mose Allison, Herb Ellis, James Moody, Peter Mayer, Bobby Lyle, Vanessa Williams, and Dave Weckl.

When he is not on the road with Jimmy Buffett he also tours as part of The Peter Mayer Group. Roger has released a couple of solo albums: “Scotch” (2000) and “Cowboy Ballet” (2001).

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Album Credits (Jimmy Buffett albums)
Year Album Title Credit Notes
1989 Off To See The Lizard Drums
1990 Feeding Frenzy Drums
1992 Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads Drums on Everlasting Moon
1994 Fruitcakes Drums
1995 Barometer Soup Drums
1996 Banana Wind Drums
1996 Christmas Island Drums
1998 Don’t Stop The Carnival Drums, Lester Atlas
1999 Beach House on the Moon Drums
1999 Buffett Live – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Drums
2002 Far Side Of The World Drums
2003 Meet Me In Margaritaville Drums
2003 Live in Las Vegas, NV Drums
2003 Live in Auburn, WA Drums
2004 Live in Cincinnati, OH Drums
2004 Live in Mansfield, MA Drums
2004 License to Chill Drums
2005 Live In Hawaii Drums
2005 Live at Fenway Park Drums
2006 Hoot (Movie Soundtrack) Drums
2006 Live at Wrigley Field (DVD) Drums
2006 Take the Weather With You Drums
2006 Live At Wrigley Field (CD) Drums
2007 Live at Texas Stadium Drums Coral Reefer Band
2007 Live in Anguilla Drums

Tours (with the Coral Reefer Band)
Year Tour Name Credit Notes
1989 Off To See The Lizard Tour Drums
1990 Jimmy’s Jump Up Tour Drums
1991 Outpost Tour Drums
1992 Recession Recess Tour Drums
1993 Chameleon Caravan Tour Drums
1994 Fruitcakes Tour Drums
1995 Domino College Tour Drums
1996 Banana Wind Tour Drums
1997 Havana Daydreamin’ Tour Drums
1998 Don’t Stop The Carnival Tour Drums
1999 Beach House On The Moon Tour Drums
2000 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Tour Drums
2001 A Beach Odyssey Tour Drums
2002 Far Side of the World Tour Drums
2003 Tiki Time Tour Drums
2004 License To Chill Tour Drums
2005 A Salty Piece Of Land Tour Drums
2006 Party At The End Of The World Tour Drums
2007 Bama Breeze Tour Drums
2008 The Year of Still Here Tour Drums
2009 Summerzcool Tour Drums
Special Appearances
Date Show Info Credit Notes

Solo and Other Albums

Year Album Title