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All Albums Released by Jimmy Buffett

    Album Name Released  
1. Songs From St. Somewhere
Studio CD with 15 new recordings, plus a bonus track. The album was recorded in various locals including Key West, Nashville, Austin, Miami, and St. Barts.
2013 Studio Buy Now
2. Welcome to Fin City
Two incredible Saturday night shows at the MGM Grand (Oct 15, 2011 and Oct 22, 2011) which have been captured in Audio, Video, and Blu-ray.
2012 Live CD/DVD Buy Now
3. Encores
2010 two CD release from the singer/songwriter, a live collection comprised of the intimate final encore songs at the end of each of his concert performances.
2010 Live CD Buy Now
4. Buffet Hotel
2009 Studio Buy Now
5. Live in Anguilla
From the shows on March 23 and 24, 2007. Double CD and an DVD recorded live at the Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve, Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla.
2007 Live CD/DVD Buy Now
6. Live at Texas Stadium
Recorded live at Texas Stadium in Dallas on Saturday May 29th, 2004
2007 Live CD Buy Now
7. Live At Wrigley Field (CD)
2 CD audio version of the popular Wrigley DVD (available at
2006 Live CD
8. Take the Weather With You
Enhanced CD contains the video “Here We Are”
2006 Studio Buy Now
9. Hoot (Movie Soundtrack)
Contains five songs recorded by Jimmy. Enhanced CD with bonus footage.
2006 Soundtrack Buy Now
10. Live at Fenway Park
From the shows on 9/10/2004 and 9/12/2004.
Contains 2 CDs and a DVD with live performances and bonus footage.
2005 Live CD/DVD Buy Now
11. Live In Hawaii
From the shows on 1/28/2004 & 1/30/2004
2005 Live CD/DVD Buy Now
12. License to Chill
2004 Studio Buy Now
13. Live in Cincinnati, OH
From the show on 8/26/2003
2004 Live CD Buy Now
14. Live in Mansfield, MA
From the show on 8/30/2003
2004 Live CD Buy Now
15. Live in Auburn, WA
From the show on 9/16/2003
2003 Live CD Buy Now
16. Live in Las Vegas, NV
From the show on 9/20/2003
2003 Live CD Buy Now
17. Meet Me In Margaritaville
2003 Compilation Buy Now
18. Far Side Of The World
2002 Studio Buy Now
19. Best of the Early Years
Re-issue of tracks previously released on “Down To Earth” and “High Cumberland Jubilee”
2002 Compilation Buy Now
20. Buffett Live – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
Recorded at various shows Dec 1998 to Sept 1999
1999 Live CD Buy Now
21. Calaloo
Special release – the CD was exclusively available only at Best Buy stores.
1999 Compilation Buy Now
22. Beach House on the Moon
1999 Studio Buy Now
23. American Storyteller
Re-issue of tracks from “Down To Earth” and “High Cumberland Jubilee”
1999 Compilation Buy Now
24. Don’t Stop The Carnival
Songs from the musical, based on a book by Herman Wouk
1998 Soundtrack Buy Now
25. Christmas Island
1996 Studio Buy Now
26. Banana Wind
1996 Studio Buy Now
27. Great American Summer Fun
Special release compilation sold exclusively at Target stores
1996 Compilation Buy Now
28. Barometer Soup
1995 Studio Buy Now
29. Fruitcakes
1994 Studio Buy Now
30. Before The Beach
Contains songs from his first two albums “Down To Earth” & “High Cumberland Jubilee”
1993 Compilation Buy Now
31. Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads
Box set contains 4 compact discs
1992 Compilation Buy Now
32. Feeding Frenzy
Recorded August 1990 in Atlanta and Cincinnati.
1990 Live CD Buy Now
33. Off To See The Lizard
1989 Studio Buy Now
34. Hot Water
1988 Studio Buy Now
35. Floridays
1986 Studio Buy Now
36. Songs You Know By Heart
1985 Compilation Buy Now
37. Last Mango In Paris
1985 Studio Buy Now
38. Riddles In The Sand
1984 Studio Buy Now
39. One Particular Harbour
1983 Studio Buy Now
40. Somewhere Over China
1982 Studio Buy Now
41. Coconut Telegraph
1981 Studio Buy Now
42. Volcano
1979 Studio Buy Now
43. Before the Salt
Reissue of Down to Earth and High Cumberland Jubilee on two albums (Out of Print)
1979 Compilation
44. You Had To Be There
1978 Live CD Buy Now
45. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
1978 Studio Buy Now
46. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
1977 Studio Buy Now
47. Havana Daydreamin’
1976 Studio Buy Now
48. Rancho Deluxe (Movie Soundtrack)
1975 Soundtrack Buy Now
49. A1A
1974 Studio Buy Now
50. Living & Dying In 3/4 Time
1974 Studio Buy Now
51. A White Sport Coat & A Pink Crustacean
1973 Studio Buy Now
52. High Cumberland Jubilee
1971 Studio Buy Now
53. Down To Earth
1970 Studio Buy Now

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