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Last Mango In Paris
By: Jimmy Buffett
Release Date: June 1st, 1985
Peak Chart Position: Billboard 200 Chart: #53; Country Chart: #7;

1 – Everybody’s On The Run (Jimmy Buffett, M. Chapman, W.Jennings & Mike Utley)
2 – Frank And Lola (Jimmy Buffett & Steve Goodman)
3 – The Perfect Partner (Marshall Chapman)
4 – Please Bypass This Heart (Jimmy Buffett, Will Jennings & Mike Utley)
5 – Gypsies In The Palace (Jimmy Buffett, Glenn Frey & Will Jennings)
6 – Desperation Samba (Halloween In Tijuana) (Jimmy Buffett, Will Jennings, Timothy B.Schmidt)
7 – If The Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me (Jimmy Buffett, Will Jennings, Michael Utley)
8 – Last Mango In Paris (Jimmy Buffett, Marshall Chapman, Will Jennings & Michael Utley)
9 – Jolly Mon Sing (Jimmy Buffett, Will Jennings & Michael Utley)
10 – Beyond The End (Jimmy Buffett, Marshall Chapman, Will Jennings)


Performer Credit
Jimmy Buffett Vocals and Guitar
Reggie Young Electric Guitar
Michael Utley Keyboards
Greg “Fingers” Taylor Harmonica
Larry Lee Background Vocals
Josh Leo Guitar
Matt Betton Drums
Sam Clayton Congas, Percussion, Background Vocals
Robert Greenidge Steel Drums, Percussion
Vince Melamed Keyboards
Timothy B. Schmit Background Vocals
Emory Gordy Bass, Electric Bass
John Jarvis Keyboards
Wendy Waldman Background Vocals
Larry Byrom Electric Guitar
Glenn Frey Guitar, Background Vocals
Mark O’Connor Violin
Roy Orbison Background Vocals
Marshall Chapman Background Vocals
John Edwards Background Vocals
Harry Stinson Background Vocals
Pam Tillis Background Vocals
Harrison Ford Whip Cracks

Label: MCA
Producer: Jimmy Bowen and Tony Brown


Original Vinyl Information:

MCA-5600, MCA Records. No gatefold. Lyrics on color or black and white sleeve. This album also had a postcard to send in to enter in the Last Mango in Paris Cruise contest.

Original CD Information:

MCAD-5600 JVC-431, complete with full liner notes and lyrics on a trifold insert with a red background – like the LP.

Reissued CD Information:

MCAD-31157, MCA Records. No liner notes or pictures.

Foreign Two-on-One CD Information:

Jimmy Buffett Back 2 Back: MCD31755, MCA/BMG Australia. Australian import combining Volcano and Last Mango In Paris.

Recorded and mixed at: Sound Stage Studios
Basic tracks recorded by: Ron Treat
Overdubs recorded by: Bob Bullock
Mixed by: Steve Tilliack
Sound Engineers: Mark Coddington. Russ Martin, Tim Kish
Mastered by: Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Mixed and mastered using the JCV Digital Audio Mastering System

Special thanks to: Harrison Ford for the whip cracks on “Desperation Samba (Halloween in Tijuana)”

Thanks to: Jeff McDonald, Sound Recording Studio, Jackson Hale, Wyoming for recording the whipcracks

Art Direction: Jimmy Buffett
Album Graphics: Bill Brunt (Private Eye Studios)

Front Cover and Inner Sleeve
Photography: Louis Sakac
Super Grip: Michael Franc
Gaffer: Charles Franklin
Make-up: Susan Speld
Production Coordinator: Jaime Lilly
Location Supervisor: Leon Galetoire

Back Cover
Photography: Slick Lawson
Producer: Susan Scott
Very Hard Work: Michael “HutreCrack” Franc
Make-up: Susan Spald
Color Coordination: Blue Andre
Illustration: Jim Osborn

Special Thanks To:
The Third World Flotille: Ricky Buchel, Joe Gilbert, “Little Roy” Kreger
Iish Buyou Rats: Martial Voltier, Beau Voltier
Armment bt MARTIAL ARMS INC. of New Orleans

From the bottom of our stomachs, we would like to thank all the people at the Elliston Place Sode Shop (Nashville), Galatoire’s, Tujiague’s and Tom’s Kitchen (New Orleans) for serving up great groceries that kept us going.

Special thanks, to Nina Avramides, Abbe DeMontbreun, John Dickinson, Dan Fuseller, Howard Kaufman, Steve Humphrey, Jessie Noble. Kay Shaw, Diana Haig, Katie Gillon, Sherri Halford, Charlie Allen, Tom Reagan and Bridgette Kramer, Leon Galatoire, Steve Lateger, Harrison Ford and Melissa Matherson, Troy Orbison, Jonathan Edwards, The New Orleans Hat Co. Johnny Mango, and Southeast AMC Jeep Incc.

This album is dedicated with fond memories to one of the finest human beings who ever spent time on this planet – STEVE GOODMAN. I regret that his stay was so short. I miss you.

Home Port
Daphne, Alabama
Easter Sunday, 1985

Song by Song:

Everybody’s On The Run:

“I talk to more answering machines in a day, than I do to people. Nobody’s home.”

Frank and Lola:

“Lucy and Ricky, Fred and Ethel, Laurel and Hardy, Spanky and Buckwheat, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Frank and Lola…they’re all good for a laugh.”

The Perfect Partner:

“When I sang Marshall’s song, I thought of summer nights at the beach long ago doing the shag to THE DRIFTERS records and wanting desperately to fall in love. I still like to shag to THE DRIFTERS.”

Please Bypass This Heart:

“Close your eyes and click your heels, think of skating rinks and spinning wheels. Of those who will and those who won’t, some hearts break while others don’t.”

Gypsies in the Palace:

“I have heard that some of the great parties of all times have been at my house—when I wasn’t there.”

Desperation Samba:

“This song brings to mind two things. First, an image of Robert Mitchum standing in the doorway of a bar in Tijuana, and second, a line by Thomas McGuane, my brother-in-law from his book PANAMA…”The night wrote a check the morning couldn’t cash.”

If The Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me:

“The time spent writing about the intensity involved in trying to keep love together is short; but the endless research can kill you.”

Last Mango In Paris:

“For all the living legends I’ve had the pleasure to know. There’s still so much to be done.”

Jolly Mon Sing:

“There are times in this crazy world when I truly hope that somewhere somebody is living this made up life.”

Beyond The End:

“We are a long way from anything,” I told him. “Up ahead turn left and we’re fifteen or twenty minutes from Cancun. Turn right and you’ve got a batch of sixty miles of nothing. So who are we seeing, where is he and how do we get in touch.”

—Travis McGee


Liner Notes courtesy BuffettRemasters.com