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Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
By: Jimmy Buffett
Release Date: March 1st, 1978
Certified: Platinum on May 10th, 1978
Peak Chart Position: Billboard 200 Chart: #10; Country Chart: #6;

1 – Son Of A Son Of A Sailor (Jimmy Buffett)
2 – Fool Button (Jimmy Buffett)
3 – The Last Line (Keith Sykes)
4 – Livingston Saturday Night (Jimmy Buffett)
5 – Cheeseburger In Paradise (Jimmy Buffett)
6 – Coast Of Marseilles (Keith Sykes)
7 – Cowboy In The Jungle (Jimmy Buffett)
8 – Manana (Jimmy Buffett)
9 – African Friend (Jimmy Buffett)


Performer Credit
Jimmy Buffett Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Steve Goodman Guitar
Michael Utley Keyboards
Greg “Fingers” Taylor Harmonica
Farrell Morris Percussion
Billy Puett Recorder, Bass Flute
Harry Dailey Bass
Ginger Holladay Background Vocals
Kenneth Buttrey Drums and Percussion
Tim Krekel Guitar
Norbert Putnam Bass, Kalimba
Jay Spell Keyboards
Harvey Thompson Saxophone
The Sid Sharp Strings Strings
Deborah McColl Background Vocals
Janie Fricke Background Vocals
Larry Lee Background Vocals
Lea Jane Berinati Background Vocals
Penny Nichols Background Vocals

Label: ABC/Dunhill
Producer: Norbert Putnam


Original Vinyl Information:
AA-1046, ABC. Gatefold with full-color photo and humorous liner notes, colored cardboard record sleeve with extensive liner notes, song by song credits and photo on one side and lyrics on the other .

Foreign Vinyl Information:
UK release, ABCL 5242, 1978…all artwork, etc. same as USA original release.

Re-issued Vinyl Information:
MCA 37024, MCA. Both the gatefold and inner sleeve are eliminated. A generic sleeve takes the place of the original. Not one piece of the liner notes are relocated anywhere, so this eliminates 100% of the albums notes (unless you count the statement on the back cover).

Original CD Information:
MCAD-31091, MCA. “Compact Disk, Compact Price”. No liner notes, credits or photos.

Re-issued CD Information:
Ultimate Master Disc gold CD. (see below)

Two-on-One CD Information:
MCAD-5867. Combines Son Of A Son Of A Sailor with Coconut Telegraph. No liner notes. Out of print.

Marty Lewis: Engineer
Jimmy Stroud: Assistant Engineer
David Crowther: Assistant Engineer
Glenn Meadows: Mastering
Irving Azeoff: Management
David Paul Briggs: Orchestra Arrangement
Elliot Gilbert: Cover and Gatefold Photography
Tom Cochran: Liner and Sleeve Photography
Kosh: Design and Art Direction

Help Wanted

Able bodied crew for extended pleasure cruise, Exotic ports-of-call in forty-eight states and Canada. Good pay and pleasant working conditions. (Does not include room service and long distance calls.) Travel in total comfort (loose rules, tight lines and a warm meal at the gig). Religious services available for a price. Meet fascinating people. Enjoy wholesome companionship. Limit one suitcase per person. Thoughtful captain with 12 years experience. Swingers need not apply. An equal opportunity employer.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Irving Azoff, Howard Kaifman, Patricia Craven, and all the people at Front Line/Backwoods Management; to Karen Scott and Bobby Liberman for keeping it all together during the sessions; to the Coral Reefer Band and the Reeferettes; to Rick Holocomb, Clint Gilbert, Max Crabtree and Rickey Slagsvol, the kinky road crew; to Bill Szymezyk, Lou Stewart and all the people at Bayshore Studios – FISH! To Cindy, Jeri, Bob and Fanny for always making us feel at home (at last). To Fred Neil and Rick O’Feldman for just stopping by; to Larry Lee for the help; to head therapist, Dianna; to C.K. and the waitresses at the Barslerre for putting up with our nonsense after work, to Jack Boyle for a great Halloween show.

To Ken Ovard and Deanna Duran at Western Costume Co. for their patience and swiftness; again to Irving for showing up for the picture; to John Kosh and crew for the wonderful background music; to Elliot Gilbert and Jody Silverman; to Corb Donohue for having the courage to make the bill to Steven Diener.

To Paul Vermelyea for feeding my dogs when I’m away; to Glenn Frey for not building the fence; to Marshall Gelfand, David Jackel and Eleanor Howell for keeping me out of debtors prison; to Lucy Lyons and Lauire McGuane for getting married again; to Jimmy Lyons and Thomas McGuane for marrying my sisters; to Capt. Gray and Navigator Corcoran for treating the Euphoria II the way I do; to J.D. and Peets for having me; to Jane Buffett for putting up with me.

A special thanks and best wishes to Michael Wheeler and Phil Massey for the good times. This album is dedicated to Juan Cadiz, Save The Whales, Save The Earth, Support Greenpeace.

Aboard the Euphoria II
Nassau, New Providence
January 18, 1978

Liner Notes courtesy BuffettRemasters.com