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Paramount Theatre – Austin TX
Tuesday September 19th, 2006
Kinky Friedman Fundraiser (for Governor)

   Acoustic Show with Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally  
   (set list courtesy Conched, PharmGirl, and Gingerbreadman)  
1  Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes (Jimmy solo)  
2  The Great Filling Station Holdup (with Mac / segway Midnight Rider)  
3  Migration (great YODEL!!)  
4  It’s My Job (Mac told a story about working digging ditches)  
5  Pencil Thin Mustache ("Kinky has a pencil thin mustache")  
6  It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere  
7  Nautical Wheelers  
8  Railroad Lady  
9  Heart Of Gold  
10  Peanut Butter Conspiracy  
11  It’s A Crazy World (Mac lead singer with Jimmy harmonizing)  
12  The City (Jimmy lead singer)  
13  Everybody’s Talkin’  
14  Ballad Of Spider John  
15  Last Man Standing  
16  Volcano  
17  Bama Breeze  
18  Margaritaville  
   Band Intros:  
   Mac McAnally!!!  
19  Hey Good Lookin’  
20  A Pirate Looks At Forty