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Bama Breeze Tour
Minute Maid Park – Houston TX
Saturday April 21st, 2007

   Hot Hot Hot  
1  On The Road Again (cover of a Willie Nelson song)  
2  Fins  
3  Hey Good Lookin’  
4  Waiting In Vain (Peter Mayer on vocals)  
5  Son Of A Son Of A Sailor  
6  It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere  
7  Come Monday (with the Beach Band)  
8  Bama Breeze  
9  Cinco de Mayo in Memphis (first time Live)  
10  Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes  
11  License To Chill  
12  Volcano  
13  One Particular Harbour  
   No Intermission – Solo by Robert Greenidge  
14  Desperation Samba (Halloween In Tijuana)  
   (intro by Robert Greenidge/Peter Mayer)  
15  Ballad Of Spider John  
16  Piece Of Work  
17  Cheeseburger In Paradise  
18  Everybody’s on the Phone  
19  Reggabilly Hill (first time live)  
20  A Pirate Looks At Forty (with Redemption Song – Bob Marley Cover)  
21  Northeast Texas Women  
22  Brown Eyed Girl  
23  Margaritaville  
24  Southern Cross  
   Band Intros  
25  Another Saturday Night  
26  In My Room (Beach Boys cover)  
27  Tonight I Just Need My Guitar