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Lounging at the Lagoon Tour
Austin City Limits Theatre – Austin TX
Wednesday May 30th, 2012

   Hot Hot Hot  
1  One Particular Harbour  
2  You’ll Never Work In Dis Bidness Again (last played 08-12-1990: East Troy, WI)  
3  It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere  
4  Growing Older But Not Up  
5  Son Of A Son Of A Sailor  
6  Come Monday  
7  Knee Deep  
8  Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes  
9  Swingin’ Hula Girl  
10  Volcano  
11  Sea Of Heartbreak (last played 05-29-2004: Texas Stadium – Dallas, TX)  
12  Cheeseburger In Paradise  
13  Give Henry the Receipt (first time in concert)  
14  Piece Of Work (Acoustic w/ Peter, Jim, Mac, Eric, Nadirah and Tina)  
15  Pencil Thin Mustache (Acoustic w/ Peter, Jim, Mac, Eric, John, Nadirah and Tina)  
16  Southern Cross (Acoustic w/ Peter, Jim, Mac, Eric, Nadirah and Tina)  
17  Mermaid In The Night (last played 06-30-1989: Auburn Hills, MI)  
18  Margaritaville  
19  A Pirate Looks At Forty  
20  Who’s The Blonde Stranger? (last played 03-17-01: San Jose, CA)  
21  Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw  
22  All Night Long  
   First Encore  
23  Jolly Mon Sing  
24  Gulf Coast Highway (last played 04-21-2008: Houston, TX, Jimmy and Tina)  
   Band Intros  
25  Scarlet Begonias  
26  Brown Eyed Girl  
27  Fins