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Songs Not Released

  1. 10,000 Seats And One Bathroom  
  2. A Salty Piece Of Land  
  3. A Summer Song  
  4. Abandoned on Tuesday  
  5. Buck Butt the Turtle  
  6. Buttermilk Grove  
  7. Corona Beer Ad  
  8. Crocodile  
  9. Don’t Bring Me Candy  
  10. Getting the Picture  
  11. Green Flash At Sunset  
  12. Hey Matt Hoggatt  
  13. I’m gonna hang with Jimmy Buffett  
  14. Johnny Bago (TV theme song)  
  15. Looking Back  
  16. Peddlers and Pushers  
  17. Please Take Your Drunken 15 Year Old Girlfriend Home  
  18. Reservation at Preservation Hall  
  19. Steel Drum Medley  
  20. Such a Long Haul for Such a Short Fall  
  21. The Ever Elusive Future  
  22. The Lawyer and the Asshole  
  23. The Saga Of Buford Pusser  
  24. Train to Dixieland  
  25. We’re In The Same Boat  
  26. We’re Still Here  
  27. Workin’ and Playin’  
Total Songs: 27