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Public Relations (Reprise)
Written by: Jimmy Buffett
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: Don’t Stop The Carnival (1998)

Mr. Paperman, go home.
Listen to me.
Pretend you had a nightmare, and woke up.
This island is a hoodoo, there’s death in it, and this is just the beginning.
Give it up.
Whatever you’ve invested, forget it and go back to New York.
Go home.

/ Norman
I felt the ground shake I’m out of water
Critical picture
But things ain’t that bad

/ We could be living In Communist China
Wearing pajamas
And shouting comrade
/ I’ll fix Gull Reef
It will be my salvation
We’re only talking
A few renovations
Goodbye to public relations
It ain’t what I do

/ Good-bye forever to public relations
Public relations no longer my fate
This is my life and this is my island
Starting life over is never to late

/ [Speaks, to Sheila]
Get Hippolyte!

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