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Book on the Shelf
Written by: Jimmy Buffett / Erin McAnally / Mick Utley
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: Life On the Flip Side (2020)

[Verse 1]
Well, I hope you have fun splashin’ in the slack tide
Unchaperoned over on the flip side
I write what I know about, made up or true
These songs aren’t for me, they’re for you
Memories like meteors fly through my head
The sand was pearl white, her bikini bright red
Retracing song lines gives me goose pimples, still
Like the trail boards upon Boo Boo Hill

[Chorus 1]
Ooh, I know these stories were all lived before me
Still, I got a couple that I’ll keep to myself
I’m so damn lucky to have an all-star cast
Some lovely, some crazy
Who ever thought this would last?
You know if I hadn’t lived it, I’d read it myself
Tellin’ tall tales is still good for my health
Keep movin’ and listenin’ and amusin’ myself
I’m not ready to put the book on the shelf

[Verse 2]
We all live some days vicariously
Blinded by all the light we cannot see
Handed down stories, cave walls to pens
Worth tellin’ again and again
I call these modalities great power tubes
Placed in the hands of dreamers and fools
We’re descended from court jesters, quite sure of that
Could you kindly pass around the hat?

[Chorus 2]
And I know these stories were sailed way before me
Toss a note in a bottle and hope that it helps
I’m so damn lucky to have an all-star crew
Some stoic, some crazy
Some just passin’ through
I guess music and lyrics are what I do best
I’m all done explaining or passin’ some test
So pour me another, it’s good for my health
I’m not ready to put the book on the shelf

I’ll keep scribblin’ on pages, not jumpin’ off stages
Not ready to put the book on the shelf

Shows Played At:
09-23-2021: DTE Energy Music Theatre – Clarkston, MI
09-07-2021: Red Rocks – Morrison, CO
08-14-2021: Xfinity Center – Mansfield, MA
08-10-2021: Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY
Number of Shows: 4