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Stars Fell On Alabama
Written by: M.Parish,F.Perkins
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: Coconut Telegraph (1981)
Additional Discography:
Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads (1992)

More Songs for Sleepless Nights (1993)

Jimmy’s Notes:
I have been called a cornball and a hopeless romantic. I appreciate those labels, and I don’t apologize for my feelings. I have always loved the Tin Pan Alley kind of songs that came out of writing teams in the forties. This one, of course, was known to me as a kid, and I like to play it at shows now. It’s fun to see teenagers mouth the words to a song they might never heard if I hadn’t been such a cornball.

Moonlight and magnolia, starlight in your hair
All the world a dream come true
Did it really happen, was I really there
Was I really there with you

We lived our little drama, we kissed in a field of white
And the stars fell on Alabama last night

I can't forget the glamour
Your eyes held a tender light
And the stars fell on Alabama last night

Never planned in my imagination, a situation so heavenly
A fairy tale where no one else could enter
And in the center, just you and me, dear

My heart beat like a hammer, my arms wound around you tight
And the stars fell on Alabama last night

Shows Played At:
04-24-2015: The Amphitheater at the Wharf – Orange Beach, AL
02-25-2012: Birmingham–Jefferson Convention Complex – Birmingham, AL
11-07-2001: Jefferson County Coliseum – Birmingham, AL
12-02-1998: Mobile Civic Center – Mobile, AL
11-16-1986: OConnell Center – Gainesville, FL
07-24-1981: Popular Creek Music Theatre – Hoffman Estates, IL
Number of Shows: 6