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When Salome Plays The Drum
Written by: Jimmy Buffett
Performed by: Jimmy Buffett

Originally from the Album: Somewhere Over China (1982)
Additional Discography:
Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads (1992)

Live in Anguilla (2007)
Live in Anguilla (2007) – DVD

Jimmy’s Notes:
Salome and her band played one year at L’Ananas, a restaurant in St. Barts, and she filled the place with tourists and locals who watched her seductively play the drum she held between her legs. Just for the record, Salome was not thrown out of town.

When Salome plays the drum
The crowd goes deaf and dumb
Swept up by dark sensations

Partially the heat
More so it's the beat
She moves in syncopation

Gazelle on the run
Skirts slit past her thigh
The boys let out a sigh
The beat begins to quicken
Crowd ascends the stairs
Climbin'on the chairs
The plot begins to thicken
Phasers on stun


Take them to the carnival
Let them hear the conga
Tonight the tempo feels so right
Tomorrow may be wronga


Gendarme close her down
Make her leave the town
She caught the flight to Rio
With nothin' to say

Wavin' from the plane
Pours pink champagne
She toasts her loyal trio
It was a lucrative stay

Oh won't you take them to the carnival
Let them hear the conga
Tonight the tempo feels right
Tomorrow may be wronga

Oh won't your take them to the carnival
Let them play for hours
Tonight the weather feels so right
Tomorrow may be showers

Shows Played At:
06-23-2007: Post-Gazette Pavilion – Burgettstown, PA
03-24-2007: Bankie Banx Dune Preserve – Rendezvous Bay,
10-13-2001: Guild Hall – East Hampton, NY
06-11-1997: GTE Amphitheatre – Virginia Beach, VA
06-29-1988: The Dell – Philadelphia, PA
12-10-1983: Augusta Civic Center – Augusta, GA
11-15-1983: University of Florida Gym – Gainesville, FL
Number of Shows: 7