Timeline 1970s

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The Timeline highlights any important events and accomplishments that have happened during Jimmy Buffett’s lifetime. Please send any additions or corrections to info@buffettnews.com

The 1970’s

  • 1970: Jimmy sings with the Now Generation and appears on two albums, Come Together and Hits are our Business
  • 1970: Jimmy moves to Nashville Tennessee hoping to find success as a country singer.
  • 1970: Releases his first album Down to Earth under the Barnaby Records label. Only 200 copies were printed (although it has been mentioned 374 copies have been sold).
  • 1971: Jimmy went broke and seperated from his first wife Margie. The divorce was final within a year.
  • 1971: Jimmy finishs recording his second album
    High Cumberland Jubilee
    . The album is not released because Barnaby Records misplaces the master tape.
  • November 1971: Jimmy meets up with his friend Jerry Jeff Walker in Miami FL. They drive down route A1A to Key West in Walker’s old Packard.
  • 1972: Jimmy meets Jane Slagsvol (future wife) in a phone booth outside of the Chart Room Bar in Key West
  • 1973: Jimmy signs with ABC Dunhill Records.
  • 1973: A White Sport Coat & A Pink Crustacean is releasesed. It contains the song Why Don’t We Get Drunk and
    which was written by Jimmy using the alias Marvin Gardens. This album marks the beginning of “The Coral Reefer Band“, and it’s the first album that Greg “Fingers” Taylor and Micheal Utley appeared on.
  • 1974: Living & Dying In 3/4 Time is released and the song Come Monday comes in at number 30 on Billboard’s Pop Chart (Jimmy’s first top 40 single).
  • 1974: Jimmy does the soundtrack for movie Rancho Deluxe. He appears in the movie and performs “Livingston Saturday Night” on stage in a bar scene with Tom McGuane playing mandolin and Warren Oates playing harmonica (miming Fingers’s part)
  • 1975: A1A is released containing many refernces to Key West. It includes the song A Pirate Looks at
    that Jimmy wrote about his buddy Phillip Clark a bartender at the Chart Room
  • 1975: During the Summer of 1975 the Coral Reefer Band went out on the road with Jimmy Buffett marking their first tour together. The band included Roger Bartlett, Greg “Fingers” Taylor, Harry Dailey, and Phillip Fajardo.
  • 1976: Jimmy buys a boat that he names The Euphoria and sails away to the Carribean Islands with Jane
  • 1976: High Cumberland Jubilee is finally released after the master tapes are found.
  • 1976: Jimmy campaigns for Presidential Candidate Jimmy Carter.
  • 1977: An interview with Jimmy Buffett appears in High Times magazine
  • 1977: Changes In Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes becomes Buffett’s first platinum album. He also scored his only top ten single with the song Margaritaville coming in at number 8. The song was inspired by a margarita that Jimmy had at a bar in Austin Texas back in 1973.
  • 1977: Jimmy buys a house in Aspen Colorado
  • 1977: Jimmy buys a bigger boat, Euphoria II, and sails around the Carribean
  • Aug 27, 1977: Jimmy marries Jane Slagsvol.
  • 1977: Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band perform Livingston Saturday Light for the movie FM. The performance was filmed during a Save the Whales benefit show.
  • 1978: Son Of A Son Of A Sailor is released. The single Cheeseburger in Paradise comes in at number 32 on Billboard’s Singles Pop Chart.
  • May 13, 1978: Jimmy performs Son of a Son of a Sailor on Saturday Night Live (Host: Richard Dreyfuss)
  • 1978: The double live album You Had To Be There is released.
  • 1979: Jimmy Buffett is detained by authorites in St Barts for allegedly smuggling marijuana
  • 1979: MCA purchases ABC Records
  • June 1, 1979: Jimmy and Jane Buffett’s first daughter Savannah Jane is born
  • 1979: Volcano is released under the MCA label. Fins is released as a single and makes it to number 35 on Billboard’s Pop Singles chart.
  • October 4, 1979: Jimmy Buffett appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with an article on the days he spent on St Barth’s and Montserrat recording the album “Volcano”.
  • 1979: Before the Salt is released containing songs from both Down to Earth and High Cumberland Jubilee
  • 1979: Jimmy sings backing vocals on the song “The Greeks Don’t Want no Freeks” on the Eagle’s
    Long Run
  • 1979: Jimmy sells his boat Euphoria II and buys a smaller one that was named Savannah Jane after his daughter